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Chaplain at private school created by founder of Methodist church resigns after suggesting gay people should stay single


Seems odd

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Rev. David Hull, a school chaplain at Kingswood private school in Bath, England, resigned after suggesting that gay people should stay single.

According to The Guardian, the school was created by the founder of the Methodist church, John Wesley, in 1748.

Earlier this year, the Methodist church faced a divisive vote regarding whether its churches would permit same-sex marriages to take place in the church.

What are the details?

Hull resigned as the school's chaplain after he said "unhelpful tensions" escalated after he made the offending remarks.

Hull, who started working at the school in 2015, made the comments in July and stepped down from his position in recent weeks.

In a statement to Premier, Hull, chair of the Methodist Evangelicals Together group, expressed his disappointment about what happened.

"As Methodist Evangelicals Together, we are very clear that the good news is for all," his statement began. "We believe that as part of that good news, God's plan for creation is either that we are married as one man and one woman for life, or that we are single and celibate just as Jesus was and both of those ways of living are absolutely good news and part of God's good news."

"To move away from that is to move away from the good news," the statement concluded.

In a letter to families, Hull defended his position.

The letter read, “Since the summer, comments I made in the context of an internal debate within the Methodist church have been circulated amongst the student, staff and parent bodies. This has brought unhelpful tensions into the school community.

“There has been no suggestion from church or school of any wrongdoing in making the comments," he continued. "The views I have expressed have been recognised as being in line with the current position of the church and will continue to be affirmed by the church."

Hull pointed out that he felt the only reasonable route to peace was through resignation.

“But the situation nevertheless needs to be resolved. I have therefore requested from the church an immediate curtailment of my appointment as chaplain to Kingswood school, which has subsequently been granted," he reasoned.

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