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Chicago releases video of police first encountering Jussie Smollett with rope around his neck


And there's much more video released to the media

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

The Chicago Police Department released video from the investigation into the faked racial attack on Jussie Smollett, including one that showed their first encounter with the celebrity with rope still around his neck.

Smollett reported that he had been attacked by two men who yelled homophobic and racist slurs, but police later concluded that he had orchestrated the fake beating himself.

The video is the first image of Smollett with a rope around his neck that he said came from his attackers.

Here's the video the police released:

The video cuts short because Smollett asked police to turn off their bodycams in order to preserve his privacy.

The police released approximately 1,200 video clips that run to 70 hours from the investigation.

Smollett has maintained that he was an innocent victim and rejected any suggestion that he planned and carried out the racial attack on himself.

Smollett's accomplices told police that they were paid to conduct the fake attack in order to garner sympathy for the actor.

He was charged with 16 felonies related to making a false report to law enforcement, but he was allowed to go free with all charges dropped after forfeiting $10,000 of a bond payment and performing community service.

On Friday, an Illinois judge ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into the suspicious conditions surrounding the dismissal of the charges against Smollett.

Here's a news video about the release:

Jussie Smollett Seen With Rope Around Neckwww.youtube.com

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