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Democratic Chicago official caught violating lockdown rules at his restaurant, calls it an 'error' in judgment


'We were seating some people, but somebody ratted us out'

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A Chicago city lawmaker was caught violating state and city coronavirus lockdown rules by allowing diners to eat inside of his restaurant, and he said that it was an "error in judgment."

The latest incident of Democratic lockdown hypocrisy was first reported by a blogger called "Second City Cop" on Monday. Chicago Alderman Tom Tunney soon acknowledged his "error" in judgment, and claimed that the diners were made to observe social distancing rules.

"On a sporadic basis, we have allowed a very limited number of our regular diners to eat inside the restaurant while observing social distancing and mask-wearing rules. This was [an] error in judgement and won't happen again," said Tunney in the statement.

On Monday, a worker at the Ann Sather restaurant told a Block Club Chicago reporter that they had stopped seating customers inside.

"That ended yesterday. We were seating some people, but somebody ratted us out," he said.

A Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection spokesman told the Block Club that the matter was under investigation, and the mayor said that the restaurant would face the consequences of violating the order despite being owned by a city official.

"Our COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions apply to every single individual and establishment in Chicago so that we can further ensure the health and safety of our residents," Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said in a statement.

"The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection continues to ensure regulations are enforced equally across the city, and it will take appropriate action in this instance as it has done with the thousands of investigations into COVID-19 compliance for businesses this year," she added.

"Any business found in violation of these guidelines has been and will be held fully accountable. No exceptions," Lightfoot concluded.

Tunney was the first openly gay man elected as an alderman in Chicago in 2003.

Here's a local news report about the incident:

Ald. Tom Tunney Admits 'Error In Judgment' By Allowing Indoor Dining At His Ann Sather Restaurant

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