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Chris Cuomo opens CNN show accusing Trump of peddling 'bulls**t' about coronavirus response


'That was the most asinine statement of leadership I have ever heard!'

Image Source: Twitter video screenshot

CNN's Chris Cuomo opened his CNN show on Tuesday with an explosive screed against President Donald Trump over his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cuomo accused the president of lying to the American public about the extent of the coronavirus threat and called it "bulls**t."

"It has to be time for truth, we don't have time for any more BS, too many are sick, and the remedy is straight information, realistic plans that you trust, and us using that to tap into our national superpower," Cuomo said.

"No one comes together in crisis like America. But we only come together when we're on the same page. So together, as ever, as one, let's get after it!" he added.

He went on to give the latest statistic of 1,736 coronavirus deaths in one day.

"Is it fair to say that this is the most deaths that we will see on any day? Why or why not?" Cuomo asked.

"The last thing anybody needs is more BS. I know, I hear you, you're reaching out to me from all over the country, you have just one request. That all the games end, you've always seen through them. And you tell me the only thing more sickening to you in this collective than the virus is being lied to about what's going on, I know," he added. "So let's expose something that you've been to, for, about, for too long."

Cuomo went on to compare the rapidity with which lives were lost with the swine flu as opposed to the coronavirus.

"Stop ignoring the facts for political advantage. Get real. The past is over. There can be no more letting politics reinforce our worst instincts," Cuomo continued.

"We need to build on our best instincts," he added. "And that said, while I'm asking you all to do that, the man at the top refuses to change."

Cuomo then played a video of the president defending his statements about the coronavirus where he said that he was a "cheerleader" for the country and didn't want to give out negative speculation about death rates.

"That's exactly what leadership is," Cuomo responded.

"Anybody can tell people what they want to hear and make it easy. And then you know what you get? Exactly where we are, right now. That was the most asinine statement of leadership I have ever heard," he added.

"And I can't even dismiss it on the president having a 102 [degree] fever like I do, because that is clear thinking from him. I'm a cheerleader so I'm gonna lie to you about the realities that your parents, your loved ones, and your kids face," Cuomo continued.

"I'm not gonna prepare the way I should because it reinforces the bulls**t I'm telling you, and I'm gonna hope that you're OK with it!" he said.

"We've got to do better than that!" Cuomo said. "This president must do better than that!"

Here's the video of Cuomo's comments:

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