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Chris Hayes blames Joe Manchin for Democrats collapsing in new poll: 'This is beyond infuriating'

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MSNBC host Chris Hayes blamed very poor polling for Democrats ahead of the midterm elections on Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Virginia), and many on the left agreed with him.

"This beyond infuriating both substantively and politically and it really is the work of Joe Manchin basically single-handedly," tweeted Hayes in response to a new Morning Consult poll.

The poll showing that Democrats had a 12 percentage point generic ballot lead in Dec. 2021 among Americans who had received the child tax credit, but that lead collapsed to a 3 percentage point deficit by April 2022.

While it made little sense for Americans to blame Democrats for losing further child tax credits, Hayes' followers believed his reasoning that Manchin had "single-handedly" doomed the Democrats.

"When 2022 happens there is going to be a lot of postgame David Shor style hot takes from moderate whites blaming every person of color from AOC to Will Smith," responded Elie Mystal of the Nation.

"In reality, if Democrats get beat, it will be because Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema wouldn't let Democrats govern," he added.

"Once again, f**k you to everybody who shouted at liberals to shut up and vote for Manchin four years ago. We told you, we had a perfect opportunity to be rid of him, but no, you damn 'vote blue no matter who' f***ers," replied another angry liberal.

"But if Dems lose the midterms, people won’t be able to pen their pieces quickly enough about how AOC and the Left are to blame for Dems electoral woes," read another popular tweet.

"Yes, but it's also the fault of moderate Dems who gave Manchin the bipartisan infrastructure bill he desperately wanted for nothing in return," said another critic. "Progressives warned that using it as leverage was the only way to force Manchin to deal. It was working until Biden asked them to yield."

Not all agreed with Hayes' take.

Some pointed out that many of the recipients of the child tax credit might have turned on Democrats after realizing that the money was simply an advance from their future tax refund. Others noted that Democrats had become very unpopular for numerous reasons, including inflation, the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, and skyrocketing gas prices.

Here's more about Democrats' polling woes:

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