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CNN analyst compares Trump's call to reclaim American heritage to Hitler. But look who said it first.


'He sounds a lot like despotic leaders that have talked about white heritage...'

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President Donald Trump, during a two-hour speech at CPAC Saturday, called for Americans to reclaim their national heritage.

"The men and women here today are on the front lines of protecting America's interests, defending America's value, and reclaiming our nation's priceless heritage," Trump said. "Right now we have people in Congress that hate our country, and you know that and we can name every one of them if they want. They hate our country."

After the speech CNN analyst Samantha Vinograd took exception with Trump's call to action.

Vinograd, who also works as a senior adviser at the University of Delaware's Biden Institute and formerly served in the Obama administration on the National Security Council, compared Trump's words to the ideals of Adolf Hitler.

What did Vinograd say?

She explained on CNN that Trump's speech made her "sick."

Vinograd said:

On a personal level, "preserving our heritage, reclaiming our heritage," that sounds a lot like a certain leader that killed members of my family and about 6 million other Jews in the 1940s. But on a national security level, the president talks about preserving our heritage as a catch-all for implementing policies that misallocate resources.

He sounds a lot like despotic leaders that have talked about white heritage and white nationalism around the world, and is putting resources in the wrong place and pretending that there are foreign people trying to influence our country in a way that just isn't accurate.

But Vinograd didn't stop there. She went on to claim that Trump's speech "accomplished" numerous items on Russian President Vladimir Putin's "to-do list."

"He denigrated our institutions, the Department of Justice and the U.S. Congress. He spread misinformation and conspiracy theories. He undermined the credibility of several of our institutions. He sowed divisions. He sowed confusion," she said. "He was speaking to his base, but he was also saying things that really looked like Vladimir Putin scripted his speech."

Who called for Americans to reclaim their 'heritage' before Trump?

It was none other than former Vice President Joe Biden.

During a speech at the 2011 Florida Democratic Party Convention, Biden declared: "It's time to fight back! It's time to reclaim our heritage! It's time — and we are ready!"

(H/T: Washington Free Beacon)

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