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CNN's Jim Acosta, Chris Cuomo criticized President Trump for tying coronavirus to China — but video mash-up highlights their hypocrisy


'The Wuhan coronavirus ... the Chinese coronavirus ... China's coronavirus'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Following President Donald Trump's address to the nation Wednesday, CNN's Jim Acosta, not surprisingly, found something in it to criticize, pointing out that Trump calling the coronavirus a "foreign virus" would "come across to a lot of Americans as smacking of xenophobia."

"That, I think, was interesting because, as I was talking to sources earlier this evening, one of the points that the president wanted to make tonight — wanted to get across to Americans — is that this virus did not start here, but that they're dealing with it," Acosta told CNN's Chris Cuomo. "Now, why the president would go as far to describe it as a 'foreign virus,' that is something we'll also be asking questions about."

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