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WATCH: College students rank historical figures from best to worst — and some actually place Hitler and Stalin ahead of President Trump
Image source: YouTube screenshot

WATCH: College students rank historical figures from best to worst — and some actually place Hitler and Stalin ahead of President Trump

'This is what the universities are doing to students'

PragerU's Will Witt returned to California State University, Northridge, recently to ask students passing by a table to rank historical figures from best to worst.

We don't need no education

Last November, students at the Los Angeles-area campus lost it when Witt showed up dressed as a Native American. Would things go any better this time around?

Well, for the historical figure ranking, some students couldn't identify the likes of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler — so there's that.

But what may be even more disturbing is that after Witt explained that Hitler killed 6 million Jews in the Holocaust and Stalin killed millions as well, the very first pair of students still ranked President Donald Trump as worse than Hitler and Stalin.

Their reasons? Because Trump messed with food stamps — oh, and "build that wall!"

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Two other students ranked Hitler and Stalin as worse than Trump — but ranked former President Barack Obama as better than Trump.

Their reasons had to do with the students being "people of color" and because "Trump does not support indigenous people," one of the students said.

Another student for some reason ranked Trump and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as better than Jesus and noted how "powerful" Zuckerberg is.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Another student ranked former President Ronald Reagan as worse than Hitler.

Her reason? Reagan was "more mentally manipulative, and that's more dangerous" while Hitler was "a real pimp — he [was] upfront with his stuff."

Oddly, she ranked Trump as best over Hillary Clinton and Zuckerberg.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The final interviewee ranked Reagan as best, followed by Trump, Obama, Clinton, and then Hitler as worst. He astutely pointed out that Hitler took away people's guns, which led to the Holocaust, while Trump has backed gun rights.

Witt summed things up, lamenting that "we had people who think Trump is worse than Hitler and Stalin, Ronald Reagan is worse than Hitler — this is what the universities are doing to students."

Here's the clip:

Trump vs. Hitler: Who Is Worse?youtu.be

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