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Cops called in to settle nursing home bingo brawl


Battle over a chair between elderly women gets physical

Image source: WKBD-TV video screenshot

Police in Ontario, Canada, were called in to settle an altercation during a bingo game Tuesday, after a 79-year-old nursing home resident dared to encroach on a competitor's turf.

What are the details?

The female perpetrator swooped in and sat in the spot usually occupied by an 86-year-old woman, who protested and an argument ensued. Other residents joined in on the fight, which became physical. The Canadian Broadcasting Network reported that things turned "ugly," prompting a call to the law.

Ontario Provincial Police responded and peace was restored.

"It was certainly an unusual call for us," police spokeswoman Sandra Barr said. She was unable to confirm whether the game was actually played after the dust-up.

According to WKBD-TV, no charges were filed in the incident, and no one was seriously injured.

Is bingo that serious?

This isn't the first time a bingo battle has led to fisticuffs. In 2013, two female pensioners in England came to blows after one of them allegedly yelled "house" too early, according to the Daily Mail. Officers on the scene issued a warning to one of them.

In 2016, another fight broke out between bingo players in the U.K., with a witness describing one of the groups involved as a "few stuffy old sorts getting their knickers in a twist." A first-timer who was present declared, "If this is what happens, I'm coming again. It's very entertaining."

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