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Cory Booker says he sometimes feels like punching President Trump, blames testosterone


Not a good look, Cory Booker

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Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) said that his testosterone sometimes makes him feel like physically assaulting President Donald Trump.

Booker made the remarks during a Monday night appearance on NBC's "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

What are the details?

During his interview with Meyers, the New Jersey lawmaker and Democratic presidential candidate addressed a time when one of his supporters suggested he hit Trump.

"[The supporter, who is a football player is] a big guy, he puts his arm around me and goes, 'Dude, I want you to punch Donald Trump in the face,'" Booker said. "And I stop in my tracks and I go, 'Dude, that's a felony, man.'"

But that didn't stop Booker from thinking about punching the president.

"Donald Trump is a guy who you understand he hurts you, and my testosterone sometimes makes me want to feel like punching him, which would be bad for this elderly out-of-shape man that he is if I did that," Booker told Meyers during the interview. "This physically weak specimen."

While the presidential candidate ruled out physically attacking the president, he insisted that he won't let him off lightly when it comes to disagreements on policy.

"[Y]ou don't beat a bully like him fighting him on his tactics, on his terms, using his turf," Booker said. "He's the body-shamer, he's the guy that tries to drag people in the gutter.

"We will not beat Donald Trump by trying to be more like him, but by showing that we are not like him," he insisted. "We are not weak morally. We are not weak mentally. We are a strong nation."

Sen. Cory Booker on Civility in Politics and Working with Mitch McConnellwww.youtube.com

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