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'There is shame to go around!' — Dagen McDowell excoriates Democrats for small business relief debacle


'I've got a steaming pile of horse manure they can all jump in!'

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Dagen McDowell went into an impassioned rant against Democrats who were claiming that the coronavirus stimulus funds were being funneled into red states and not helping Democrat-majority states.

She made the comments on Fox News' "The Five" on Monday after co-host Dana Perino asked her about the delay in a new round of funding for the bill in relief for small businesses.

"These are people, these are family businesses that are flat on their backs, and these people don't know how they're going to stay open because the Democrats were playing politics with a reload and a refresh and a refill of this small business paycheck protection program," said McDowell.

"Seven days before that program ran out of money, [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) put in front of the Democrats a 25-line bill just for the money. And what did they do? They dragged their feet," she said.

"So every time any one of these Democrats ever says 'small businesses' and they're gonna tell you how important they are to the fabric of America, those two words should be preceded with 'go to hell, small businesses!' 'cuz that's what you did!" she exclaimed.

'I've got a steaming pile of horse manure'

McDowell then addressed the accusations from Democrats like Rep. Jackie Speier of California that Trump was helping red states more than blue states.

"And now they're trying to turn it on the Republicans, the Democrats are, talkin' about, 'Why did the blue states not get as many loans filled as some of the red states did?' You know why? Because that's where the big banks were, and they deserve a lot of the blame as well, because Wells Fargo made, what, a hundred, about a hundred and twenty million dollars in loans out of a $350 billion program?" she asked rhetorically.

"Those big banks, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, they slow-walked these loans for the first ten days of the program when they shoulda been stepping up like the community banks," she said.

"There is shame to go around," concluded McDowell, "and I've got a steaming pile of horse manure they can all jump in!"

Perino pointed out that the deal lawmakers are likely to reach is not substantively different from one weeks ago, meaning that politicians were "playing politics" for no reason while Americans suffered.

McDowell also responded to the accusations from Speier directly on Twitter.

"You should be PRAISING the small community banks for hustling + doing the right thing!" she tweeted.

Here's the video of McDowell's response on "The Five":

'The Five' condemns partisan politics holding up small business funding

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