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'The Daily Show' deleted a meme mocking Biden at his SOTU address after its fans flipped out

Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Comedy Central

The official account of "The Daily Show" tweeted a meme during the State of the Union address that mocked President Joe Biden for being low energy, but deleted it soon after.

Biden went through the typical laundry list of items for his first State of the Union speech Tuesday, but the Daily Show account offered a critique that it regretted.

While it was deleted later, screenshots were circulated on social media:

The meme showed the graphic of an iPhone battery out of power and needing to be plugged in to recharge.

The account offered no rationale for why it deleted the tweet, but it suspiciously hearkened to the nickname that former President Donald Trump slapped Biden with during the 2020 presidential campaign: "Sleepy Joe."

The show might have deleted the tweet based on some of the very angry responses from their followers.

"What was that deleted tweet about being 'low battery'… how very republican rhetoric from you," replied one user.

"WTH?? Seriously you deleted this, you must be standing with the GOP," responded another user.

"Nice job with the battery. He actually was stronger at the end. What a jerk. I would like to see you do what he has done over the past year," read another angry reply.

"What the f***?!?! Who hacked this account?!? This is bulls***!!! @Trevornoah did you approve this?!?" read another outraged tweet, which referred to the show's host.

Others on the left were outraged at comments made by Biden during the speech where he vehemently opposed the "Defund the Police" movement and said that Democrats would help fund police while supporting criminal reform.

Here's more about Biden's speech:

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