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The city of Dallas was Rick-rolled by a massive QR code made in the sky by 300 drones on April Fools' Day

Image Source: Sky Elements Drone Shows YouTube video screenshot

Residents in the city of Dallas, Texas, were "Rick-rolled" by a massive QR code that showed up in the sky created of 300 drones on April Fools' Day.

Anyone who looked at the QR code with their smartphones and clicked the link that showed up would be taken to a video of Rick Astley's song "Never Gonna Give You Up" that is notorious for its use in pranks.

Preston Ward, the chief pilot of Sky Elements Drone Shows, said that the company had organized the technological prank

"Brian and Lito, who manage our design and animation team, always knock it out of the park with show design. This particular show took a few hours for the team to put together since it was just one animation," Ward said according to KTBC-TV.

Ward, who is also general counsel for the company, said that they needed to receive pre-approval from the local FAA offices for the controlled airspace above Love Field.

The idea for the city-wide prank came after a successful marketing drone show using a QR code in Austin for the South by Southwest film festival.

Ward said his social media manager suggested the idea and then he was inspired by his 8-year-old niece.

"I wasn’t totally convinced right away that was the direction to go until my 8-year-old niece Rick Rolled me a few days later," Ward explained. "That’s when I knew we had to push the idea further."

Ward said the company is planning to do something even greater for the next April Fools' Day. They do shows for private events but they also have drone shows scheduled for professional baseball games.

The video from Sky Elements Drone Shows on YouTube garnered more than 50k views at the time of publishing.

Here's the video of the QR code in the Dallas sky:

Epic April Fools Prank - Drone QR Code - Epic Rick Roll | Dallas Texaswww.youtube.com

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