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'Does your momma tell people her kid perished in a fire rather than acknowledge your sorry existence?' Dan Bongino unloads on Stephen King in Twitter back-and-forth

Photo (left): Leigh Vogel/WireImage; Photo (right): Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Popular conservative commentator Dan Bongino has been unleashing attacks against renowned writer Stephen King in response to the novelist's jabs about Bongino's career.

Each day, Bongino posts a tweet describing President Joe Biden as "the WORST president in US history."

King responded to Bongino's May 1 post by tweeting, "And you're out of a job at Fox. Biden still has his."

"Yeah dude, working six days a week, doing a top-ten podcast, a nationally syndicated radio show, managing billion dollar tech investments, and finishing off another book made me reevaluate my work schedule. But keep b****ing and moaning like a chump on Twitter while we use you for comedy relief in show material. #Dip****," Bongino fired back.

Last month, Bongino announced that he would no longer be doing his weekly show on the Fox News Channel because he and the company had been unable to come to terms regarding an extension.

But the Twitter back-and-forth between King and Bongino did not end there.

"Today is May 7th, and Joe Biden is the WORST president in US history," Bongino tweeted on Sunday.

King replied, "At least he has a job."

"Yeah, you're right douchebag, unemployment has been rough for me. I've tried to cope each morning at 11a on my show (job?) with my millions of viewers. And then, I cry a lot on hundreds of radio stations nationwide on my other show (job?) from 12-3p while you're eating Ben & Jerry's, living off of your former reputation as a non-a**hole. Now that I've humiliated your dumb a** again, you can go sit down in the corner and cry those delicious liberal tears," Bongino responded.

"Wah-wah-wah," King replied.

"Keep crying you chump. Does your momma tell people her kid perished in a fire rather than acknowledge your sorry existence? After spawning you, is she horrified? Does that pain fuel your perverted stories?" Bongino tweeted.

On Wednesday, King responded to a tweet in which Bongino described the president as "a disgrace to humankind" and "an embarrassment to the human race in every respect."

"Yes. But he's got a real job, not a podcast," King tweeted.

"Yeah, you're right. Millions of listeners a day on a podcast while you're watching porn in your momma's basement yearning for the days that people actually gave a s*** about your dumb a**. Nice comeback dip****. Get a job loser," Bongino wrote in response.

"Please tag @StephenKing in all future tweets about Biden. He loves it," Bongino tweeted on Thursday.

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