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Dan Crenshaw lights up Democratic hypocrites during Joe Rogan interview for calling Republicans ‘Nazis’: ‘How is that not inciting violence?’


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Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) scorched hypocritical Democrats on Wednesday for insisting that Republicans and conservatives are "Nazis" for their particular brand of politics.

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During an appearance on "The Joe Rogan Podcast," the former combat veteran admitted that he can't wrap his head around Democrats and liberals who, on one hand, complain that President Donald Trump's words cause violence, but feel comfortable calling those people with different beliefs "Nazis."

"I always tell people when they're complaining about something Trump said, and they're like, 'Look at the violence he's inciting!' and I say, 'Well, you call us all Nazis,'" he said. "When you call someone a Nazi, you are calling somebody something that we all agreed as Americans to bomb and kill and destroy."

He added, "So, you're labeling me with a label that we all agree should be destroyed. Like, how is that not inciting violence by your standards?"

Crenshaw argued that even those in politics are echoing the dangerous sentiments and referring to Trump as a white supremacist.

"[W]hite supremacist and Nazi are practically the same thing," he reasoned, pointing out that everyone should object to white supremacy.

"It should be condemned totally," Crenshaw insisted. "When you're calling the president that — and [liberals] often call his supporters that, too — so you're calling 60-something million people who voted for him the same thing. I just can't imagine a worse way to engage in dialogue, and a quicker way to escalate things to just the worst possible scenario."

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