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Dana Loesch demolishes 'clown show' prosecutor who broke firearm safety rules, pointed rifle with finger on trigger

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Leading Second Amendment advocate Dana Loesch, the former spokeswoman of the National Rifle Association, took to task on Monday the Kenosha County prosecutors in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

What happened?

During closing arguments on Monday, lead prosecutor Thomas Binger made several questionable remarks and decisions.

Binger referred to Kenosha rioters as a "crowd of heroes" while describing Rittenhouse as an "active shooter." He also erroneously claimed Rittenhouse cannot claim self-defense because he was armed, and he later downplayed the actions of Joseph Rosenbaum.

"He tipped over a Porta-Potty, that had no one in it. He swung a chain. He lit a metal garbage dumpster on fire. Oh, and there's this empty wooden flatbed trailer that they pulled out in the middle of the road and they tipped it over to stop some BearCats, and they lit it on fire," Binger said. "Oh, and he said some bad words. He said the N-word. Tsk tsk tsk."

What generated the most backlash, however, was Binger's clear disregard for firearm safety.

During closing arguments, Binger shouldered an AR-15 and placed his finger on the trigger with the bolt closed, meaning it was not evident that the the chamber was empty.

What did Loesch say?

During an interview on Fox News, Loesch observed the tragic and dangerous irony of Binger's actions.

Binger is a prosecutor alleging Rittenhouse acted recklessly and showed disregard for human life. Yet he recklessly abandoned basic firearm rules, which, as the Alec Baldwin tragedy showed recently, often has deadly consequences.

"After some of the arguments that I have heard from what I'm calling 'Brennan & Dale of the Step Brothers law firm,' I mean, it's insane," Loesch said. "He flags the entire courtroom and jury, and to be honest I'm actually kind of surprised that a bailiff, or I don't know if they had state trooper in the courtroom, didn't intervene at that moment."

"Finger on the trigger, didn't even have it shouldered properly," Loesch continued. "He went to the Alec Baldwin school of firearms handling, apparently."

After calling the prosecution a "clown show," noting that prosecutors misunderstood basic firearm facts, Loesch said "self-defense is on trial" in the Rittenhouse case.

"The state is trying to plant the seed of reasonable doubt. That's all they're trying to do is make it look like [Rittenhouse] was somehow reckless," Loesch said. "Well, [Rittenhouse] demonstrated better firearms discipline than either of those two clown shows in the courtroom."

Loesch also knocked the prosecution for describing Rittenhouse as an "active shooter." She said such a characterization is "offensive" and "actually a diminishment of mass casualty incidents."

Loesch rips Rittenhouse prosecutors' lack of firearms knowledgewww.youtube.com

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