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CNN host can barely conceal enthusiasm over daughter who refused to talk to her mom after she voted for Trump in 2016, or mom's decision to vote Biden in 2020


Family reconciliation?

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In a recent segment on CNN, host Brooke Baldwin interviewed a mother and daughter from North Carolina who suffered a family rift in 2016 after both parents voted for Donald Trump. But now that the mother is considering casting a vote for former Vice President Joe Biden should he be the Democratic nominee this fall, the daughter feels that the family has been restored.

Scarlett Murphy, who is in New York for school, says she wasn't as surprised by her father's vote, since he is "part of a demographic that almost lives in an entirely different world in terms of what they think [and] what media information is presented to them."

"He works in the construction industry; he listens to a local AM radio station that's very conservative," she added.

But she couldn't believe that her mother would vote for Trump.

"I thought of my mom as someone who is, you know, like really involved with, like, social justice work, and is an advocate for so many people Trump disparaged," Murphy said.

But now, almost four years later, the mother, Patricia Murphy, says that she will vote for Biden if he is an option in the general election.

Judging by Baldwin's reaction when the words fell off Patricia Murphy's tongue, you would have thought that the admission was the breaking news of the day.

Baldwin cut in, saying, "hang on, hang on, hang, on ... so you're telling me, if Joe Biden were to become the nominee, you would vote for him over Donald Trump?"

"Yes, if that is the case this time around, that's what I would do," Patricia Murphy confirmed as Baldwin looked over to the daughter and nodded her head in affirmation.

Patricia Murphy reluctantly admitted that she voted for Trump in 2016 because she liked that he promised to "bring manufacturing back to America" and negotiate "trade agreements that were more favorable to America," but said that if Biden had been the Democratic nominee in 2016 she would have voted for him instead.

She was careful to note that she is not ready to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) over Trump, as she is uncertain about his brand of socialism. If Sanders were to become the nominee, there is still a chance that she would vote Republican, she acknowledged.

At the end of the interview, Baldwin gave Scarlett Murphy the last word.

"Final words to mom ... what's your advice?" Baldwin asked.

"I think you should vote for Joe Biden, mom," Scarlett Murphy said.

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