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'Dear White People' showrunner quits Netflix to protest Dave Chappelle's transgender jokes, but its backfiring badly online
Jaclyn Moore (left): Collider YouTube video screenshot; Dave Chappelle (right): Lester Cohen/WireImage

'Dear White People' showrunner quits Netflix to protest Dave Chappelle's transgender jokes, but it's backfiring badly online

A white transgender showrunner is leaving Netflix over comments made by iconic comedian Dave Chappelle on his stand-up comedy special, but the boycott backfired badly on social media.

Jaclyn Moore said on Twitter that Chappelle had been one of her heroes but that his controversial comments on his latest special have forced her to leave the network.

"Chappelle was one of my heroes. I was at his comeback show in NYC," tweeted Moore. "He compared my existence to someone doing blackface. He talks about someone winning a Woman of the Year award despite never having a period should make women mad and that it makes him mad."

Moore said she could not work for a company that allowed Chappelle to "misgender" people.

"I just can't... I can't be a part of a company that thinks that's worth putting out and celebrating," Moore added.

What was the reaction?

Moore's protest, however, was met with bewilderment by many black users on Twitter who were surprised and upset to discover that the show, "Dear White People," was written in part by a white transgender woman.

"Wait a f***in minute. The show 'dear white people', which is supposedly about black ppl's struggles & has a 90s soundtrack has a lead producer that is non-black??? & wants to boycott a black man???" read one popular tweet.

"I'm so happy that the trans woman who is behind "Dear White People" tried to virtue signal against Dave Chapelle, and now people are finding out this person is white. Talk about backfiring. lol," replied another critic.

"The showrunner of Dear White People is not only a white woman, but a person who spent the majority of her life enjoying the privilege of a white man. And now she calls for boycott of a black man because he doesn't acquiesce to her world view," read one tweet.

"White trans woman who profited off Black trauma via a show called Dear White People trying to get Dave Chappelle canceled for calling out racism within the LGBTQ community? That's interesting," read another tweet.

"Netflix Dear White People showrunner may get canceled for trying to get someone else canceled," responded another detractor.

"People are just now finding out that white Liberals control black content because Dave Chappelle pissed off the Dear White People showrunner. Wait until they find out they control black politics," quipped another Twitter user.

Chappelle's comedy special, "The Closer," has a 96% positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. All three critic reviews are negative.

Here's an interview with Moore about the show:

Justin Simien and Jaclyn Moore on Dear White People Season 4 and the End of the Serieswww.youtube.com

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