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Worst ad ever? DCCC seeks to target Latinos with ad in which one of the characters says that 'Democrats seem so out of touch'

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With Americans facing soaring inflation and sky-high gas prices, it's entirely possible that the Democratic Party could be cruising for a bruising at the ballot box during the 2022 midterm elections — but an ad that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hopes will appeal to Latino voters may not improve the party's chances of avoiding an embarrassing drubbing during the election.

The DCCC shared an ad in which a woman, who complains of back and neck pain, says that she cannot slow down because she needs to earn more money because of high gas prices and her children's need for daycare. She notes being "so stressed out," and says that she does not "know what else to do."

Another character in the ad advises the woman to vote for Democrats, saying, "These Republican extremists have no plan to help us."

The overworked woman responds by saying that "Democrats seem so out of touch."

"Not true. These MAGA Republicans are only working for rich people. Democrats know firsthand that even small price increases are hard on working families like ours. Democrats are finding solutions, unlike the Republicans," the other character replies. "What you could do is vote for Democrats."

It seems unlikely that the ad will inspire voters to get excited about voting for Democrats.

One person on Twitter commented, "this might be the worst ad i've ever heard. woof. without the tag it could be a republican spot."

"First of all, this ad is terrible. But more importantly, it represents the terrible position in which Democrats find themselves in South Texas and the RGV. The Dem brand is ruined--completely destroyed. They have to attack both parties. This means they are going to lose," someone else tweeted.

In a press release, the DCCC announced that it is shelling out a seven-figure sum for digital, print, and radio ads to attract Latino support in "battleground districts."

"The first radio advertisements will run in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas, and will spotlight Republicans’ extreme plans for America and highlight the historic accomplishments Democrats have delivered to communities," the press release declared.

"Democrats refuse to take Latino voters for granted and this latest investment will join the DCCC’s cycle-long commitment to court, build and expand Democrats’ relationship and commitment to the Latino electorate," DCCC Senior Advisor for Latino Engagement Mariafernanda Zacarias said, according to the press release. "At a time when Republicans lie and try to deceive voters, especially in Latino communities, the DCCC is going to continue making the case that Democrats are the best for our families and our freedoms."

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