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Democrats' own polling reveals 'stunning margin' for Republicans in midterm elections: 'Political peril'

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Internal poll data commissioned by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee depicts a more dire situation for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections than previously thought.

What are the details?

Internal DCCC polling shows that Democrats in battleground districts are trailing Republicans by eight points on the generic ballot, 47-39.

According to Punchbowl News, which first reported on the data, the polling exposes a "stunning margin" by electoral standards that suggests Democrats are "in worse political peril than they’ve let on publicly."

Especially considering that Democrats often have a slight "built in advantage" on the generic ballot, the data suggests a red tsunami is coming this November.

Because of the dismal polling, the DCCC has reportedly instructed the Democratic caucus to coalesce around attacking House Republicans as "MAGA Republicans." This tactic, they believe, will tie all GOP members to former President Donald Trump, theoretically helping them at the ballot box.

In a statement, DCCC spokesman Chris Taylor not only cited the "MAGA" rhetoric, but claimed without evidence that Republicans embrace a white supremacist conspiracy theory.

The statement said:

Frontline Democrats’ record of delivering for their communities means they head into November ready to defeat extremist MAGA Republicans, who will have to defend their plan to implement a nationwide abortion ban and their embrace of white supremacist ‘great replacement’ theories.

Anything else?

According to reporter Jake Sherman, Democrats are upset with DCCC chairman Sean Patrick Maloney, who is also a New York congressman.

"There is a LOT of chatter in the Dem ranks right now about whether Maloney can continue as DCCC chairman. A LOT of anger, frustration at Maloney," Sherman tweeted on Wednesday.

The National Republican Congressional Committee responded to the news by slamming Maloney.

"Sean Patrick Maloney is making a case for the worst DCCC Chairman of all time. The DCCC’s obsession with fringe issues has set them up for an electoral disaster," said NRCC spokesman Mike Berg.

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