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Decapitated boy's skull successfully reattached to spine after he was hit by car while riding his bike

Image via Israel in Ireland / Twitter / Hadassah Medical Center

Doctors in Israel completed an incredibly rare skull reattachment for a boy who was hit by a car while riding his bike.

A 12-year-old Palestinian boy named Suleiman Hassan was allegedly hit by a car and airlifted to Hadassah Ein Kerem’s Trauma Unit in Jerusalem for emergency surgery, according to the Daily Mail.

The medical team found that the boy suffered from an internal decapitation, meaning the base of the skull and the top of the spine were detached, but the skin was still intact. Internal decapitation includes the tearing of ligaments and muscles holding the skull in position on the top vertebra.

Doctors reportedly stated that the boy's head was "almost completely detached from the base of his neck," and that hours of surgeries were needed. It has apparently been approximately a month since the actual surgery happened, as doctors wanted to wait to announce the results.

"We fought for the boy’s life," said one of the surgeons, Dr. Ohad Einav, according to the the Times of Israel.

The young boy's father said, "I will thank you all my life for saving my dear only son. Bless you all."

"Thanks to you, he regained his life even when the odds were low and the danger was obvious. What saved him were professionalism, technology, and quick decision-making by the trauma and orthopedics team. All I can say is a big thank you," the father added.

The Daily Mail reported that a 2015 review study determined that internal decapitation is three times more likely to occur in children than adults.

A 16-month-old toddler suffered an internal decapitation in Australia in 2015. Doctors famously reattached the boy's head in a six-hour surgery.

The child was involved in a car accident with his mother, who said at the time, "The second I pulled him out, I knew that he, I knew that his neck was broken."

"A lot of children wouldn't survive that injury in the first place, and if they did and they were resuscitated, they may never move or breathe again," one of the surgeons said.

The child's vertebra was reattached using a tiny piece of wire.

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