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Deion Sanders recovering from emergency surgery to repair blood clots, delivers powerful prayer: 'Lord you blessed me enough'


NFL legend Deion Sanders is recovering after undergoing emergency surgery to treat blood clots in his legs. Prior to his successful surgery, Sanders delivered a powerful and inspiring prayer.

Sanders suffered from blood-flow issues and required emergency surgery to treat blood clots. On Saturday, Sanders posted a video on Instagram of him recovering from surgery and speaking to his children from his hospital bed.

"I had a big blood clot in my thigh that they got out, and I had some below my knee that they got out," Sanders said. "Then I've got one in the right leg that they're going to get soon."

The Colorado football coach told his children that he expects to be released from the hospital on Sunday – just two days after the surgery.

"Now this is what happened. I went to the doctors the other day to check myself out and I have two clots in my leg. One in my right leg, one in my left leg in my thigh," Sanders said prior to the surgery. "Now I have a procedure tomorrow to try and get those clots so I can have proper blood flow through the leg so I can fix the toes."

Last week, the former NFL star's doctors warned him that he may need to have his leg amputated because of the blood clots. At the moment, Sanders does not need to have his leg amputated.

"There's no talk of amputation or any of that whatsoever," Sanders recently asserted. "The doctors were just telling me worst comes to worst, this was going to happen but I believe in staying right so you don't have to go left."

Sanders, 55, previously experienced health complications following surgery to fix a dislocated toe and an inflamed nerve. Sanders had three "life-threatening blood clots," according to People magazine. The Super Bowl-winning player was forced to have two toes amputated in 2021 because of blood clots.

The eight-time NFL Pro Bowler delivered a powerful prayer on his Instagram prior to his surgery:

Lord, it's me. I'm not asking for anything, I just wanted to say thank you. If you never bless me again, Lord, you've blessed me enough. I just want to say thank you. If you never cover me again, Lord, you've covered me plenty. Thank you. If you never choose to guide me or lead me again, Lord, you've led me and guided me enough. I just want to say thank you Lord. Thank you for showing me you, Lord. Thank you for showing me how powerful you are, how mighty you are, how omniscient you are. Lord, I just want to say thank you. When some said they had my back, but all hell broke loose and I've searched far in near, Lord, you were still there. Therefore, I just want to say thank you. Lord, I thank you for all the private battles you fought for me when they thought they had me. Lord thank you. I thank you could just allow me to see the day when many people deserve to see it much more than I do. But you so fitted Lord that I see it one more time. Lord, I just want to say thank you. Lord, I promised to never get weary in thanking you because you never got to weary in blessing me with opportunity, like the opportunity you presented today, that's why we call it the present because it's truly a gift from you. Lord, I thank you.

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