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Democratic congressman-elect says people who 'disagree with scientists about science' are simply 'incorrect'

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Democratic congressman-elect Eric Sorensen has claimed that people who disagree with scientists on issues pertaining to science are simply wrong.

"If you disagree with scientists about science, it's not really a disagreement. You're actually just incorrect. Science is not truth, it's the process of finding the truth. When science evolves, it didn't lie to you, it learned more," Sorensen tweeted on Wednesday.

"The second half of this tweet negates the first part of this tweet," Ellen Carmichael wrote in response to Sorensen.

"I like my anti-science with a side of plagiarism," Kyle Lamb tweeted, highlighting a 2021 tweet from Mohamad Safa.

Safa had tweeted, "If you are not a scientist, and you disagree with scientists about science, it's actually not a disagreement. You're just wrong. Science is not truth. Science is finding the truth. When science changes its opinion, it didn't lie to you. It learned more."

Sorensen, who is openly gay and includes "he/him" pronouns on his Twitter profile, won election to Illinois' 17th Congressional District last month.

Pfizer posted a tweet on Tuesday that includes a photo of a man with a laptop and text that reads, "Incredible! Area Man Now Full-Fledged Scientist Thanks to One Internet Search."

"Wouldn't it be great if a few internet searches could land you a PhD? Thank goodness for real scientists," Pfizer tweeted when sharing the post.

Pfizer posted a meme last year that apparently suggested that science restrains the human mind from embracing conspiracy theories.

"It's easy to get distracted by misinformation these days, but don't worry…Science has got your back. #ScienceWillWin," Pfizer commented when sharing the meme.

Earlier this year, Pfizer and BioNTech sponsored a cringeworthy Marvel comic that served as as vehicle for promoting COVID-19 vaccination.

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