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De-transitioner warns shareholders that Disney will pay a price for 'stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariels'
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De-transitioner warns shareholders that Disney will pay a price for 'stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariels'

A victim of so-called "gender-affirming care" informed Disney shareholders Wednesday that the company may soon face lawsuits over its support of employees' genital mutilations. Chloe Cole, a woman left permanently scarred by gender ideology, further stressed the importance of the company looking into providing benefits for those who seek to "detransition."

The woke company

The Walt Disney Company has worked hard to earn the admiration of LGBT radicals, securing for itself a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Corporate Equality Index since 2007.

The corporate behemoth has signaled its ideological compliance in various ways.

Besides throwing around its weight in an effort to dissuade lawmakers from executing the will of voters and upholding parental rights, Disney also covers travels expenses for its employees to kill their unborn children. For those children ultimately permitted to live, Disney offers "gender affirmation benefits."

Accordingly, Disney helps employees, their spouses, and their children get sex-change mutilations, elective mastectomies, and ruinous hormone therapies.

The company does so even though:

  • the so-called experts at the World Professional Association for Transgender Health — the organization that wrote the go-to guide on "gender-affirming care" — have been outed admitting in private both that children cannot provide informed consent and sex-change surgeries can have nightmarish consequences;
  • England's National Health Service has highlighted there is little to no evidence showing an upside to the use of puberty blockers in minors;
  • Finland's leading child psychiatrist Riittakerttu Kaltiala has underscored that most kids will grow out of the delusion that their gender and sex are misaligned; and
  • the core claim used by gender ideologues to justify sex-change mutilations has been utterly debunked.

The scarred patient

Chloe Cole, 19, knows firsthand just how devastating the treatments that Disney's employee benefits cover can be.

Cole told the Florida Boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine Joint Rules/Legislative Committee in 2022, "At 13, I started taking puberty blockers and testosterone. At 15, I underwent a double mastectomy in which my breasts were removed and my nipples were grafted. And yet, at 16, after years of medically transitioning, I came to realize I severely regretted my transition."

"I want to be a mother someday, and yet I can never naturally feed ... my future children. My breasts were beautiful and now they have been incinerated for nothing. Thank you, modern medicine," said Cole.

The gender ideology victim, who noted at the time that her chest remained scarred and her nipples continued to bleed, has become a patient advocate for Do No Harm. DNH represents medical professionals, patients, and policymakers keen on ridding the medical establishment of identity politics and gender ideology.

In addition to raising awareness about the fallout of "gender-affirming care," Cole has also taken legal action against Kaiser Permanente, accusing the institution and her former doctors of performing experimental and mutilating treatment.

The shareholder meeting

Cole called into Disney's annual shareholders meeting Wednesday, underscoring the consequence of the procedures they cover and the possibility there may be legal consequences on the horizon.

"Disney pays for gender transition interventions, but not de-transitioning care. Therefore, the Company discriminates based on gender identity under EEOC regulations," said Cole. "I speak from personal experience as someone who was deceived and physically harmed at a young age by gender ideology, validated by the medical industry, and pushed to the masses by corporations like Disney."

Cole detailed how, as a minor, she was given irreversible puberty blockers and a double mastectomy.

"My body has been irreversibly damaged, and years later, my chest is still in bandages," continued Cole. "My doctors have abandoned me. Now doctors look and shrug."

Cole further noted that she has filed suit against "those professionals who steered me into taking these destructive steps that have permanently scarred me."

"But Disney, in its arrogance, has responded to our proposal by stating that I am only trying to 'generate attention' for a 'limited agenda.' Mr. Iger, Disney under your watch is pushing the 'limited agenda' of gender ideology," continued Cole. "Disney has become the Ursula that is stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariels across the world by telling us we can be something that we can never become."

"The lawsuits are coming, sir. It’s only a matter of time before current or past employees, whose bodies and lives have been irreversibly harmed, will show up at your door looking for justice and restitution," added Cole.

The proposal

Cole concluded her call by requesting that shareholders consider the "Gender-Based Compensation Gaps and Associated Risks" proposal presented by the National Legal and Policy Center.

The proposal asks that Disney investigate its benefits policies to determine whether they are discriminatory against de-transitioners.

It specifically requests that the board of directors issue a report by Dec. 31 "about compensation and health benefit gaps, which should include how they address dysphoria and de-transitioning care across gender classifications, including associated reputational, competitive, operational and litigative risks, and risks related to recruiting and retaining diverse talent."

The NLPC indicated that the company's board of directors has opposed the proposal because it "intended to serve the particular interest of the proponent."

The board unsuccessfully sought permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this year to exclude the proposal from consideration at the annual meeting.

The NLPC noted in its response, filed with the SEC, that "besides the inherent discriminatory infrastructure established by Disney within its compensation policies and programs, the Company has opened the door wide to reputational and legal risk due to gender ideology and the affirmation of sex transitioning medical coverage. The de-transitioners' litigiousness may be at a trickle now, but the diversity-obsessed Company should prepare for an eventual flood of lawsuits from angry, mutilated current and former employees."

While Cole was able to put the proposal before the shareholders, the Huffington Post indicated they ultimately rejected it.

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