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Disturbing video shows angry mob racing toward police trying to stop a car theft suspect

Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Cell phone footage of police attempting to thwart a car theft suspect has gone viral, The Police Tribune reported on Tuesday.

The footage also featured an angry mob racing toward the officers in the aftermath.

What are the details?

A spokesperson for the Baltimore Police Department told the outlet that the incident occurred on Sunday evening after police spotted what they believed to be a stolen vehicle on a city street.

The outlet reported that police set up surveillance on the stolen car, waiting for someone to return to it, and identified 32-year-old Vernon Jackson as the suspect who ultimately went back to the vehicle and climbed behind the wheel.

Officers immediately intervened, and tried to stop the suspect from fleeing with the stolen vehicle.

Video footage of the incident showed at least five city police officers surrounding the sedan — a black Honda Accord — and demanding that Jackson stop and get out of the vehicle. Jackson, however, ignored police demands and attempted to drive away from the scene, hitting police cruisers with the Accord as he attempted to maneuver the vehicle around the officers, forcing some of them to dive for cover to avoid being run over.

Jackson was finally able to get away, but ended up ditching the stolen car and fleeing on foot.

As Jackson attempted to evade authorities, a large mob estimated to include at least 50 screaming people began swarming the officers.

According to the outlet, "The officers didn't appear to react [to the] arriving mob as they got into their vehicle and departed the parking lot one at a time."

Officers quickly caught up to Jackson as he fled on foot, and were able to arrest him on charges of first- and second-degree attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment, and stolen auto.

A spokesperson for the Baltimore Police Department told the outlet that Jackson is being held in Baltimore's Central Booking awaiting arraignment.

Investigative reporter Justin Fenton shared the footage, which he captioned, "Police say this video reposted to the murder ink Instagram page depicts officers trying to apprehend a stolen car suspect. Despite what appeared to be a clean escape, police say he was apprehended and charged."

(Content warning: Rough language):

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