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Dr. Fauci warns Americans should expect 'flood' of COVID vaccine mandates after FDA gives shots full approval

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, is forecasting a tsunami of vaccine mandates once the Food and Drug Administration awards the COVID-19 vaccines official authorization.

What did Fauci say?

Speaking with the USA Today editorial board, Fauci said last week that Americans should expect a "flood" of vaccine mandates once the vaccines receive full FDA approval.

The infectious diseases doctor said such mandates won't happen on the federal level, but predicted they will happen within schools, companies, and other institutions.

"Organizations, enterprises, universities, colleges that have been reluctant to mandate at the local level will feel much more confident," Fauci explained.

"They can say, 'If you want to come to this college or this university, you've got to get vaccinated. If you want to work in this plant, you have to get vaccinated. If you want to work in this enterprise, you've got to get vaccinated. If you want to work in this hospital, you've got to get vaccinated,'" he added.

Currently, the three COVID-19 vaccines in use in America — from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson — have only been awarded emergency authorization. Surveys have showed that a significant portion of vaccine hesitancy stems from the government not having awarded the vaccines full authorization.

Fauci said Sunday that he is hopeful the FDA will award the COVID vaccines full approval within weeks.

Francis Collins, the director of the National Institute of Health, agreed with Fauci on Sunday. During an interview on ABC's "This Week," Collins advocated for more vaccine mandates, saying Americans "ought to be doing everything we can to save lives."

Anything else?

Fauci has been aggressively pushing the COVID-19 vaccine and face masks as the solution to the current spike in COVID-19 cases.

During an interview last week, Fauci admitted he does not think wearing or not wearing a face mask should be a matter of personal liberty.

"The fact is there are things that are individual responsibilities that one has an there are things that have to do with you individually which also impact others," Fauci said.

"A person's individual, individual decision to not wear a mask, not only impacts them — because if they get infected even though they say, 'It's my decision if I get infected, I'll worry about that' — but the fact is if you get infected, even if you are without symptoms, you very well may infect another person who may be vulnerable, who may get seriously ill," he continued.

"So in essence, you are encroaching on their individual rights because you're making them vulnerable," Fauci claimed. "So you could argue that situation both ways."

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