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New York reporter Elad Eliahu sues Brooklyn bar for discrimination, bartender called him 'Zionist fascist' on video

Images courtesy Barely Informed with Elad / YouTube / Meta (screenshots)

A New York City reporter named Elad Eliahu is suing a bar in Brooklyn, New York, for allegedly discriminating against him when a bartender refused him service and heckled him out of the establishment.

Eliahu, who is a reporter for Tim Pool's TimCast News, said he was harassed and humiliated by a Brooklyn bartender on April 9, 2023, according to the New York Post.

The 29-year-old was on a first date at Swell Dive in Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York, when a bartender named Alvin Dan asked if he was indeed named Elad, according to the lawsuit.

“I was wrongfully refused to be served by a bartender and I believe because I am Jewish,” Eliahu said. “I believe if I wasn’t Jewish then he wouldn’t have said or done these things," he added.

The lawsuit alleges that the bartender told Eliahu to leave or "he was going to embarrass" him. Dan then called the reporter a "Zionist fascist" and claimed that Eliahu "harasses abortion patients" and "doxes people."

The lawsuit reportedly states that Eliahu told his date to leave for her own safety. After that, the bartender recorded himself taunting the would-be patron and subsequently bragging about it.

“Why are you walking away?” Dan appears to have said in the video. “That’s Elad, I can’t believe it, cannot believe that [he] has the balls to have a f***ing social life.”

Documents claim that Eliahu “was unlawfully ridiculed, discriminated against, denied service and kicked out of the Swell Dive on account of his race, national origin and creed because he identifies as a Zionist."

The New York Post says Eliahu was “angry” and “distraught” during the incident.

“I was thinking to myself to keep my cool and not respond,” he said. “I wasn’t going to start yelling anything.”

Regarding his date, Eliahu said that "she was shaken up."

The reporter subsequently messaged the establishment on Instagram and described the alleged harassment. "Sounds like your displeasure is with the bartender not the bar," the alleged reply read.

“As an employer, they are certainly liable for the action of their employee," Sanford Rubenstein, one of Eliahu's lawyers, said.

Eliahu did not respond to request for comment.

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