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Principal and vice principal removed over disturbing sexual assault incident at Maryland elementary school


"There was no game of tag."

FRED DUFOUR/AFP via Getty Images

Parents of children at an elementary school are outraged over a disturbing sexual assault incident, and the vice principal and principal were removed on Tuesday after they protested.

The incident happened at Gale-Bailey Elementary School in Marbury, Maryland.

In the school's version of events, 3 boys were playing tag with 3 girls on the playground when one 10-year-old boy made sexual comments and simulated a sexual act on one of the boys. Another boy wrapped his arms around one girl.

But the father of one of the victims claims that the actual incident was far worse.

"There was no game of tag," said the father, who is unidentified to protect the victim, his daughter.

"These boys jumped off a piece of playground equipment, forcibly forced the girls into a colored tube that they have on the playground. So it was just so far off from what happened and they're trying to cover their backsides plain and simple," he told FOX-5 D.C.

He claimed that the girls had asked a group of teachers for help before the attack, but that their requests were ignored.

He also said that he wasn't informed about the attack until his daughter came home in tears.

Law enforcement officials confirmed that the 10-year-old boy was charged with 4th Degree Sex Offense and 2nd Degree Assault, and removed from the school.

On Monday, outraged parents protested at the school and demanded that school officials be fired over their actions.

On Tuesday, both the vice principal and the principal were replaced, according to an email obtained by FOX-5.

Here's a local news video about the incident:

4th grader charged with sexual offense after allegedly threatening girl at playgroundwww.youtube.com

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