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Facebook responds after Elizabeth Warren runs political ad with complete lie: 'Let voters decide'


Warren claimed Facebook endorsed President Trump

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Facebook fired back at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) over the weekend after her presidential campaign circulated a demonstrably false political ad to push its narrative that the social media platform has allowed President Donald Trump to spread misinformation about former Vice President Joe Biden.

Last week, Warren's campaign bought ads on Facebook to circulate the claim that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his company had endorsed Trump's re-election campaign.

"Breaking news: Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook just endorsed Donald Trump for re-election," the ad said. "Facebook already helped elect Donald Trump once. Now, they're deliberately allowing a candidate to intentionally lie to the American people. It's time to hold Mark Zuckerberg accountable."

The statement, of course, is completely false. Warren's campaign circulated the claim to push back against Facebook's policy of not fact-checking political ads. Critics argue the policy allows politicians "to make false claims in paid advertising," CNBC reported.

In response, Facebook said on Twitter that the Federal Communications Commission does not want broadcast companies "censoring candidates' speech" — a policy they agree with.

"We agree it's better to let voters—not companies—decide," Facebook said.

Warren later responded, charging that Facebook can either be in the "disinformation-for-profit business" or the company can "hold yourself to some standards."

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