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Elizabeth Warren announces 2020 candidacy; progressives mostly underwhelmed

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) became the first prominent Democrat to make her presidential intentions official on Monday by announcing the formation of an exploratory committee for a possible 2020 run. In an ominous sign for a candidate who was once considered a possible favorite for the nod, the vast majority of Democratic commentary in response to Warren's announcement has taken the tone of a bored yawn.

For instance, CNN's Chris Cilizza, who barely attempts to hide his cheerleading for anyone who opposes President Donald Trump, responded to the announcement with a piece titled "Did Elizabeth Warren miss her chance?" Warren's hometown newspaper responded to the announcement by observing that "rough tackling lies ahead." Many prominent liberal commentators also reacted to Warren's announcement with a decided lack of enthusiasm about her candidacy and its chances.

Indeed, the way-too-early polling for the 2020 field shows Warren trailing former Vice President Joe Biden (who may or may not run) by double digits both nationally and in Iowa; perhaps more troubling for her chances is the fact that she also trails fresher faces to the Democratic scene like former Texas Representative and failed Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke and California Senator Kamala Harris in most early 2020 primary polls.

Additionally, Warren will have to contend with the formidable fundraising operation of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is widely expected to run again. Meanwhile, Harris has made a strong bid to lock down most of the larger donors from the fundraising machine generated by former President Barack Obama.

Warren's announcement also comes more than a full year before the Iowa caucuses, which has led some political strategists to question the timing of her announcement, given the strong possibility of voter fatigue for her candidacy.

Democratic observers have whispered for months that Warren's time had already come and gone, and widespread grumbling about her botched handling of a DNA test provoked by President Trump raised numerous questions within the Democratic establishment about her political judgment.

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