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Elon Musk responds to Glenn Beck's interview with friend David Sacks on 'bronze tier' US foreign policy
The Glenn Beck Podcast / Photo by Britta Pedersen-Pool/Getty Images

Elon Musk responds to Glenn Beck's interview with friend David Sacks on 'bronze tier' US foreign policy

Glenn Beck's interview with David Sacks caught the attention of Elon Musk Sunday, when the Twitter CEO echoed concerns about the State Department's controversial efforts to expand NATO amid the conflict in Ukraine.

"US foreign policy is bronze tier on a good day!" Elon Musk tweeted, responding to a clip from Beck's interview with Sacks that premiered Saturday on "The Glenn Beck Podcast."

"How likely do you think it is that we'd be headed towards war, and what does that mean?" Beck asked, noting that China and Russia are becoming more closely allied.

"I've been warning about this since the Ukraine situation started," PayPal's founding COO, venture capitalist, and "The Diversity Myth" author David Sacks replied, explaining that the United States has become a "co-belligerent" in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Sacks backed up his statement about the "proxy war of choice" by noting that the United States is providing money, weapons, and intelligence.

Sacks highlighted the United States' controversial actions of "painting targets" on Russian generals' backs and bragging about providing intelligence used to sink the Moskva, a Russian flagship. Beck responded by asking listeners to imagine the reaction if Soviet political leader Leonid Brezhnev had taken similar actions during the Vietnam War.

"We engaged in a series of actions going back to 2008 that the Russians viewed as highly provocative," Sacks said, adding that Russia repeatedly warned that attempts to bring Ukraine into NATO were "categorically unacceptable."

"We have these crusaders at the State Department who just want to continue expanding NATO," Sacks said.

The United States' reaction to the Soviet Union attempting to put nuclear weapons in Cuba in 1962 is comparable to Russia's reaction today to attempts to bring Ukraine into NATO, according to Sacks. He said both moves, from the perspective of the respective countires, could be considered an "intolerable security threat."

Sacks also discussed his friendship with Musk during the interview.

"I think what he's done at Twitter with the Twitter files is incredible," Sacks said, adding that he has known the billionaire Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX businessman for more than 20 years.

"What you see is really what you get with him," Sacks also said. Beck and Sacks later discussed Musk's musings about the possibility that we're all living in a simulation.
Musk's response to the interview with Sacks was not the first time he commented on Beck's shows.

Musk also commented on Beck's interview with "San Fransicko" author Dr. Michael Shellenberger in January. Shellenberger characterized Musk's purchase of the world's most used social media platformsocial media platform as a "major roadblock for the World Economic Forum's agenda."

"I think he's seen the dark side of that hyper-wokeism," Shellenberger said. "His purchase of Twitter is maybe the most significant thing he's done."

"He's basically said ordinary people should be on an equal platform ... and we should stop censoring ordinary folks because the elites demand it," Shellenberger told Beck.

"Citizen journalism is vital to the future of civilization," Musk responded.

Project Veritas was among the media outlets, reporters, and consumers who expressed agreement and gratitude for Musk's tweet supporting citizen journalism.

Watch episode 178 of "The Glenn Beck Podcast" featuring Beck's complete interview with David Sacks below.

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