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Dr. Fauci issues dire warning on 'lurking' viruses, says COVID-19 is 'worst-case scenario,' 'worst nightmare.' A professor of virology weighs in without the alarmism.


Sounds like it's going to be a great time

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Dr. Anthony Fauci says there are more viruses around the corner and that the country is absolutely not finished with COVID-19.

What did Fauci say?

According to a Friday Newsweek report, Fauci spoke with Dan Diamond on Politico's Pulse Check podcast, where he said that the COVID-19 pandemic is easily his "worst nightmare" as well as the "worst-case scenario" for the United States.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, also told Diamond that there are even more frightening viruses than COVID-19 that are "lurking" around the corner.

"You have to assume that there are more viruses that are still lurking because we know historically we've had outbreaks long before I've been around, even before recorded history," he said. "We know that there have been outbreaks recently, we're in the middle of an outbreak now. And there's no doubt that we're going to have outbreaks in the future."

The 79-year-old doctor also said that the COVID-19 infection is the "worst-case scenario or my worst nightmare" and that the notion of a growing number of viruses jumping from animals to humans is a terrible notion to behold.

What else?

Dr. Ian Jones, a professor of virology from the United Kingdom's University of Reading in Berkshire, England, said that Fauci is merely "stating the obvious."

"Virus outbreaks from animals to man occur all the time depending on proximity and abundance, in avian flu for example, but only rarely do they efficiently transmit one person to another," Jones explained, according to Newsweek.

He pointed out that it's only natural for a pandemic to take place when humans are able to transmit such viruses to their fellow humans.

"These are of varying severity; the flu pandemic of 2009 was relativity mild whereas the current COVID pandemic is severe," Jones added.

'Worst nightmare' over and over

Fauci has often repeated his claims that COVID-19 is his "worst nightmare."

Twice in July, Fauci said coronavirus was his "worst nightmare."

On one occasion, Fauci said the virus was public health's "worst nightmare" due to the abundant way the virus spreads among humans, as well as its newness.

"What [kept] me up at night is the emergence, usually jumping from an animal reservoir to a human, of a brand-new virus that no one has ever seen before," Fauci explained. "Bingo. The worst nightmare comes true."

A second occasion saw Fauci call the disease health experts' "worst nightmare" due to it being the "perfect storm" because there was no end in sight to the deadly pandemic.

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