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Feminist writer complains that men who refuse to date 'woke' women contribute to the radicalization of terrorists
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Feminist writer complains that men who refuse to date 'woke' women contribute to the radicalization of terrorists


Feminist writer Vicky Spratt says that men avoiding a romantic interest in "woke" women is helping to usher in the radicalization of terrorists.

Indulge us, please

In an article published on Refinery29, Spratt voices her concern over British actor Laurence Fox, who caught the ire of many feminists and leftists after saying that there is no such thing as "white privilege," and that the United Kingdom was not an inherently racist nation.

In one of Fox's most recent interviews, he discussed dating and revealed that he will not date "woke" women who want nothing more than to affect justice in the social sector.

In an article titled, "The Dangerous Rise Of Men Who Won't Date 'Woke' Women" Spratt says that Fox's ideals are dangerous, and part of a larger, more insidious trend that is bent on radicalizing terrorists across the globe.

"[Fox] ... does not date 'woke' women who he believes are being taught that they are 'victims,' irrespective of whether they are right or not," she complains.

Spratt later adds, "There's nothing funny about the things Fox — or 'Wokey McWokeface' as he know wants to be known — is saying. It's also not particularly sad. It's dangerous. He is just one very privileged man, and as a result of said privilege, has been given a platform."

She continued, "He has used that platform to legitimize a bigger backlash against diversity and progress, which is unfolding every single day in less public corners of the internet."

Spratt's examples for how such behaviors manifest in men around the world? The El Paso, Texas, and Christchurch, New Zealand, mass killings.

"Spend an afternoon on any major dating app and you'll come across (generally white) men saying openly sexist and misogynistic things," Spratt complains.

What else?

Spratt also points out that online dating is just one arena that also highlights a "hostility towards feminism is feeding directly into far-right movements online."

Spratt says the far right is "capitalizing" on Fox's sentiments and "turning him into an icon."

"He has added to their backlash and given it oxygen," she says. "Every time he is invited onto a TV or radio show to talk about it, that oxygen will cause the backlash to burn hotter and faster, irrespective of whether we're watching or not. It's important not to trivialize this anti-woke, anti-women backlash. In the end, it's only by paying attention to it that we can understand it and do something about it."

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