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'Fetus = Good Snack': Disturbing images, 'sick and disgusting' videos emerge from pro-abortion 'Bans Off Our Bodies' rally in Phoenix

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @DrewHLive

Journalist and videographer Drew Hernandez captured a number of rather disturbing sights and sounds at Planned Parenthood's "Bans Off Our Bodies" Day of Action in Phoenix over the weekend — the kind of stuff that one commenter called "sick and disgusting" and that local news outlets seem to have left off their broadcasts.

'Fetus = Good Snack'

First up is an image of one demonstrator holding a sign that reads "Fetus = Good Snack," which Hernandez posted to his Twitter page Saturday:

In case you've quickly concluded there's no way even the most rabid abortion advocate would ever be seen in public carrying such a vile sign — and that it must be photoshopped — you wouldn't be alone. A lot of commenters said as much.

Except Hernandez brought the receipts: A video clip of the protester with the sign in action.

Check out the guy in the red shirt, gray backpack, and hat passing by the protester and shaking his head from side to side:

"Sick and disgusting," one commenter said in reaction to the video. "Fetus does not mean feed us. Wow. I hope she never gets to experience motherhood."

Oh, but there's more.

Hernandez captured a clip of a man dressed in a pink "Bans Off Our Bodies" shirt berating a female pro-life demonstrator as a "closet homosexual" — hollering just inches from her ear and appearing to bump into her at least once.

Here's a supercut showing pro-abortion demonstrators going ballistic and appearing ready to do physical battle:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @DrewHLive

One of them sings the words "coat-hanger dodger" presumably to an anti-abortion protester and adds "that means your mom stuck a coat hanger up her [slang for female bodily part] and tried to get rid of you, but she failed." (Content warning: Language):

For your science geeks out there, here's the "coat-hanger dodger" protester venturing further into the stratosphere and declaring that "masturbation is murder." Seems she's concluded that "if you masturbate, you kill people ... every month when you have a menstrual cycle, you're killing."

When a pro-life advocate counters that "it's not a baby," Ms. Biology Lover shoots back, "Yes, it is. It's DNA. How is it not? It's alive." Sigh.

Here are a pair of wholesome snapshots apparently showing how pentagrams and some pro-abortion advocates go together like peanut butter and jelly:

Finally, we're not exactly sure how to classify this, but the demonstrator in the following clip most definitely wants bodily autonomy. Who are we to argue? (Content warning: Language)

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