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'Freedom fighter' wants Chicago cop fired who allegedly knocked her teeth out amid riot — but now her own actions and words are under scrutiny


'These white people love a sad sob story,' Miracle Boyd said after thousands were donated to help pay for her medical expenses

Miracle Boyd (Image source: WMAQ-TV video screenshot)

An 18-year-old self-proclaimed "freedom fighter" wants a Chicago police officer fired for allegedly knocking out her teeth amid a riot in Grant Park on Friday, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Miracle Boyd claimed an officer swatted a cellphone from her hand, WMAQ-TV reported, adding that she said the phone struck her face and knocked out some of her teeth.

Here's cellphone video of the incident taken from across the street. Content warning: Language:

"There is no way I should have left a protest abused and battered exercising my freedom of speech and freedom to assemble," Boyd said Monday in front of what she called the "racist" statue of George Washington in Washington Park, the station said. "I am disgusted ... I never thought I would have become a victim of the biggest gang in America."

Image source: WGN-TV video screenshot

Boyd, surrounded by her supporters, was in tears at one point Monday saying, "I will not allow the public to tear me down and humiliate me. I am not a menace, a hood rat, nor a rebel … but a dedicated freedom fighter," WMAQ added.

Now the 'freedom fighter' is under scrutiny, too

The station said videos released by a pro-police group appear to show Boyd trying to provoke cops amid the rioting. WMAQ aired brief snippets of Boyd in action — but another video spanning over four minutes offers a much broader look at her alleged behavior toward police.

Check it out. Content warning: Language:

Protestor antagonizing police, runs up on cops arresting individualyoutu.be

'These white people love a sad sob story'

In addition, the creator of a GoFundMe disabled the page after raising over $83,000 for Boyd's medical expenses.

The reason for the page getting disabled isn't clear, but WGN-TV said Boyd faced criticism after going live on video this past weekend talking about the money raised for her and saying "these white people love a sad sob story."

Other posts from the past month appear to show Boyd bragging about vandalism during riots and looting in June, WGN added:

Image source: WGN-TV video screenshot

What did Boyd's attorney have to say?

Boyd's attorney, Sheila Bedi, said what matters isn't her client's past social media posts but last Friday's incident, WGN reported.

"What this officer did was target Miracle because she was expressing opinion about the police department with lethal force," Bedi said, adding that her client is "being slandered, she is being bullied, it's very clear that CPD with its coordinated communication campaign is trying to silence her," WGN reported.

Image source: WGN-TV video screenshot

As for that GoFundMe money, Boyd said she plans to give away some of it to social justice causes, WGN said: "I will use my GoFundMe to donate $10,000 to our Peach Book ordinance, I will use $10,000 to black and brown girls so that they can receive therapeutic services."

Reporters warned to not ask certain questions about Boyd

Chicago rapper Vic Mensa also spoke Monday in defense of Boyd and said police "fear Miracle's power" and are "spineless pigs," the Sun-Times reported.

"This is a war," Mensa added, according to the paper. "If you're not ready for a war, go the f*** home!"

The Sun-Times added that Charlie Wojciechowski — the reporter who penned the WMAQ piece on Boyd — asked a question about videos he said showed Boyd "bragging about certain violent acts."

Wojciechowski was booed, the paper said, and reporters covering the event were warned to not ask similar questions that put any blame on Boyd.

The Sun-Times said Mensa actually approached Wojciechowski and told him, "I'll take your [expletive] mic, and you won't even have a [expletive] mic."

Anything else?

Police said Monday that what started as a peaceful protest Friday quickly became an organized attack on officers as videos allegedly showed provocateurs infiltrating the march, hiding behind umbrellas, then pelting officers with bottles of frozen water, fireworks, and other projectiles, WMAQ reported.

Supt. David Brown said it all "devolved into a very dangerous situation in which mob action sought to injure officers," the station said.

Image source: WGN-TV video screenshot

The assault left 49 officers injured, including 18 who required hospitalization — and one suffered a crushed eye socket, WMAQ noted.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot added that it was "not peaceful protest — that's anarchy, and we are going to put that down," the station said.

Brown also said the department is investigating the officer involved in the altercation with Boyd, WGN noted.

"We started an investigation, it's being taken seriously. We will do a thorough investigation, and we will take the appropriate action against the officer," Brown said.

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