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Gay polyamorous throuple with children say it's 'no big deal' that their kids have 3 dads
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Gay polyamorous throuple with children say it's 'no big deal' that their kids have 3 dads

'Remarkably ordinary'

A gay throuple living in California are telling the story of how they became "the first polyamorous family ever named as the legal parents of a child."

In a new book, "Three Dads and a Baby," set to be released next week, one of the fathers, Dr. Ian Jenkins, details the reproductive journey he and his partners embarked upon in order to become fathers to their daughter, Piper, who is now 3 years old. The throuple now also have a 1-year-old son named Parker.

Jenkins explains in the book that though the world may see their family as strange, he and his partners, Jeremy Hodges and Dr. Alan Mayfield, do not believe themselves to be all that unusual.

"The fact that Piper has three parents is just not a big deal," Jenkins says in the book, according to a write-up by the New York Post. "I have three parents myself — my mother, father and stepmother — and no one thinks anything of it."

"Some people seem to think it's about a ton of sex or something, or we're unstable and must do crazy things. [But] it's really remarkably ordinary and domestic in our house and definitely not 'Tiger King,'" he adds in reference to the bizarre threesome showcased in the popular Netflix documentary.

In the book, Jenkins describes how the trio's path to fatherhood was trial-filled and expensive. But having fought through numerous legal obstacles and endured through many medical setbacks, they feel it was all worth it.

Jenkins claims the throuple's two children have no problem understanding their parents' relationship: "I'm Papa, Alan is Dada and Jeremy is Daddy," he explains.

"We all bring something different," he adds, going on to characterize Alan as the best at reading books, with an accent and, Jeremy as the creative dad, and Ian who is often the cook.

Piper, who is now in preschool, is alleged to have proudly told a classmate, "You have two parents. I have three parents."

However, despite Jenkins' best efforts to normalize his family's situation, three gay dads raising children is certainly not yet the norm in America. And the new memoir, scheduled for release on March 9, is sure to draw intense scrutiny.

In a tweet about the book's upcoming release, BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey, wrote, "Kids are always the unwilling participants of progressive social experiments. We don't even bother to ask whether or not maybe — just maybe — biology and human history tell us something about the best environment in which kids should be raised."

Last month, Jenkins previewed the book in a video interview, during which he spoke in more detail about his and his partners' life together.

Goodnews: Ian Jenkins Author of "Three dads and a baby". First legally recognized polyamorous familyyoutu.be

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