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George Takei beclowns himself playing victim after illegal alien charged with brutally murdering nursing student Laken Riley
Image source: Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images (left); YouTube screenshot (right)

George Takei beclowns himself playing victim after illegal alien charged with brutally murdering nursing student Laken Riley

Far-left social media warrior George Takei is still fighting the woke fight — and this time the 86-year-old "Star Trek" alum utterly failed to lock his phasers on target and actually played the victim in the wake of an illegal alien getting charged with murdering nursing student Laken Riley.

Say what?

It all started with Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson's post on X over the weekend saying Riley's murder suspect is "one of the millions of illegal aliens that the Biden Administration simply released and unleashed upon our country" and demanding that the president close the border with Mexico.

Instead of taking the "L" and just scrolling on, Takei — not known for keeping his opinions to himself — decided to try fighting Johnson on X.

Takei, who played Sulu on the Starship Enterprise, would have been better off staying in sick bay. Here's how he responded to Johnson:

"I know your type of politician. Men like you smeared my community during World War II by preying upon people’s fears of others who didn’t look like them. It led to the internment and 125,000 shattered lives," Takei wrote to Johnson. "Never again."

Umm ... huh?

First off, Takei's statement doesn't at all address Riley's murder and that an illegal alien has been charged with it. Second — and perhaps most astonishing — Takei somehow managed to liken Johnson's demand that Biden close the border so illegal aliens can't enter the U.S. to what progressive Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt did to American citizens who happened to be of Japanese descent in World War II.

The latter was not lost on commenters, who rightly gave Takei a piece of their minds. Here's a smattering of them:

Image source: X

Image source: X

Image source: X

Anything else?

This was far from the first time Takei stepped on a rake in his quest to own his political adversaries:

  • In December he suggested that Republican efforts to protect children from irreversible genital mutilation and hormone treatments are akin to — here we go again — the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II and the "dark forces ... that led to the horrors of the Holocaust in Europe."
  • Last June he defended fellow LGBT activists who exposed their genitals to children at a Seattle pride parade.
  • Back in 2020, he hoped that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) would suffer an adverse reaction from a COVID-19 vaccine.

Anyway, if ol' George is reading this, he can educate himself by checking out this recent news video covering Riley's murder:

Laken Riley murder: Georgia suspect was arrested in NYC last yearyoutu.be

(H/T: The Western Journal)

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