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Giant screen erected at UCLA confronts student radicals nonstop with grisly footage of Hamas' Oct. 7 atrocities
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Giant screen erected at UCLA confronts student radicals nonstop with grisly footage of Hamas' Oct. 7 atrocities

Anti-Israel protesters at the University of California, Los Angeles, secured endorsements from the terrorist organizations Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine last week with their genocidal rhetoric, violent outbursts, and denunciations of Israel.

Counterprotesters have since helped the anti-Israel radicals understand precisely who they have gotten into bed with.

An anonymous group installed a large screen outside UCLA's Kaplan Hall over the weekend, where multitudes of pro-Hamas radicals have been encamped since Thursday. The screen — which is gated off and flanked by signs that read, "Hamas, free the hostages" — has apparently been playing footage of the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks on loop, confronting protesters with the reality of the atrocities they might otherwise continue to downplay, deny, or celebrate.

The individuals who erected the screen would not give their names on account of safety concerns, according to TheWrap.

"Israel is an ally to America. How dare you live in America and stand with a known terrorist organization?" one of the anti-terrorism protesters near the screen said in a declaration captured by TheWrap. "UCLA has prioritized a political agenda over the safety of their students. I'm concerned for my safety and everyone here on campus, both sides. We're trying to educate people on what actually happened."

The filmic reminder of the need to eliminate Hamas coincided with a pro-Israel counterprotest at UCLA, which the Los Angeles Times confirmed was organized by the nonprofit Israeli-American Council.

The IAC said in a statement, "The recent escalating antisemitic events at US universities, have hit close to home for many of us. It is painful and troubling to see our collective history repeat itself, as it puts both our Jewish community and our nation's security at risk. From the burning of flags, to calls for violence against Jews and the undermining of Israel's existence, these incidents must not occur at any university, and no student should fear for their safety because of their identity."

A GoFundMe campaign allegedly raised nearly $90,000 for the counterprotest, but Elan Carr, head of the IAC, indicated that it was not affiliated with his organization.

Nathan Mo wrote on the crowdfunding page, "Thank you to everyone that donated! Today was a monumental success! The energy today was electric and we danced and celebrated Israel in the faces of those that call for our demise and that is the best type of resistance that we can possibly show."

According to the Daily Bruin, the counterprotest originally received a permit to use the screen and loudspeakers; however, it continued playing the videos through the night Sunday and into Monday morning.

"The big screen on the east lawn of Royce Quad is not permitted, and there are no current plans to remove it," said UCLA spokesman Ricardo Vazquez.

A graduate student named Kai, from the pro-Hamas camp, told TheWrap, "A bunch of Zionist counter-protesters — most of which are not students — had a big fundraiser and brought this screen and set it up. They're trying to basically blast us with noise and disrupt us."

The "noise" Kai was referencing included the sounds of Hamas terrorists gunning down unarmed civilians and their subsequent boasting over body counts. The visuals Kai apparently found disruptive included footage of Israeli children shot up and scattered across bloody floors by the very group that student protesters now want shielded with a ceasefire.

Kai added, "They set up a whole scene and there were a bunch of agitators trying to come and harass students here and stir things up."

The pro-Hamas encampment in the quad reportedly does not have a permit for the protest.

The anti-terrorism protesters across the quad expressed outrage that the radicals were being permitted to ruin the remainder of the spring semester without consequence. They suggested further that the administration has been playing favorites, asking them to turn the volume down on the massacre footage but letting off the radicals for various violent outbursts.

Footage shared to X appears to show a pro-Hamas protester viciously assaulting an anti-terrorism protester and threatening him with a taser while another radical swoops in to steal his sign.

According to the campus paper, faculty members at the university, led by Faculty for Justice in Palestine, have rallied in solidarity with the pro-Hamas protesters. However, not all have fully jumped on board.

Dov Waxman, a UCLA professor and the director of the university's Nazarian Center sympathetic to the protesters but unwilling to join them, noted on X, "Students and faculty demonstrating in support of Palestinians shouldn't ignore the fact that the organizers of these demonstrations are, in many cases, ideologically committed to eradicating Israel and expelling Israeli Jews, supportive of violence against Israeli civilians, and willing to ignore or even justify Hamas' strategy of sacrificing Palestinian civilians for their political ends."

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