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Terrorists declare support for anti-Israel student protesters while the Associated Press gives them nominal cover
Photo by Jordan Tovin, for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Terrorists declare support for anti-Israel student protesters while the Associated Press gives them nominal cover

Anti-Israel radicals across America have taken over several college campuses where they have erected pro-Hamas encampments, attacked police, made foreign policy demands, and parroted genocidal rhetoric. Their efforts to signal solidarity with the Islamic terrorists who massacred thousands of Israelis and dozens of Americans in October — the same terror organization that has since plotted attacks on Western nations — have not gone unnoticed overseas.

Two Palestinian terrorist groups announced their support this week for the student protesters, even referring to them as their own.

Endorsed by terrorists

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a Gaza-based terrorist group that combines Marxist-Leninist ideology with Arab nationalism, released a statement Tuesday condemning Israel and celebrating the students who have condemned the Jewish state's self-defense.

"At a time when all peace-lovers in the world stand by the Palestinian people in their just struggle to regain their usurped rights, the ugly face of Zionist racism is clearly visible," said the terror group, according to an online English translation tool. "While our students at American universities were looking forward to the support and solidarity of the administration of universities whose interests, profits and investments prevailed over noble human values."

The PFLP decried the "punitive measures" taken against students, alleging that professors and school administrators have threatened and blackmailed students "simply because they stand by the Palestinian people and support their just struggle for freedom and human dignity."

The PFLP extended the ACLU's November complaint against Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida education officials to other officials who have ordered the breakup of pro-terror student organizations.

According to the terrorists, those who have taken action against fellow travelers on campus operate "under the illusion that they are capable of suppressing the struggle of our students in universities in the United States."

"We ... affirm our unwavering support for the student struggle," said the terror group, singling out the George Soros-funded "Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) at Columbia, Rutgers, Yale, Stanford universities, and others."

Extra to championing the student groups and underscoring their value to the terrorist cause, the PFLP gave them marching orders: "We call for strengthening the unity of students and their struggle to withdraw the investments of American universities from the Zionist entity, and to sever all forms of relations with them," emphasizing the need for the "escalation of their struggle."

Izzat Al-Rishq, reportedly a Hamas Political Bureau official, issued a statement Wednesday similarly signaling support for the student radicals on American soil, reported the New York Sun.

"The American administration, led by President Biden, violates individual rights and the right to expression, and arrests university students and faculty members because of their rejection of the genocide that our Palestinian people are subjected to in the Gaza Strip at the hands of the neo-Nazi Zionists, without the slightest sense of shame about the legal value represented by the students and university professors," said the terrorist.

Perhaps recognizing the resonance of the anti-Israeli rhetoric with elements of the Democratic Party, Hamas added, "Today's students are the leaders of the future, and their suppression today means an expensive electoral bill that the Biden administration will pay sooner or later."

Pro-Hamas radicals by any other name

Palestinian terrorists clearly understand what the student radicals mean to accomplish, but the Associated Press appears keen to pretend students' intentions are alternatively benign.

The liberal media outfit has begun referring to the pro-Hamas protests as "antiwar protests" despite their participants' genocidal slogans — such as "long live intifada" or "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" — and the violent verve that animates them.

This rhetorical switch aligns the publication with Progressive Democrats, such as anti-Israel Rep. Cori Bush (Mo.), who similarly refer to the pro-Hamas students as "anti-war protesters."

Natalie Sanandaji, a New Yorker who survived the Nova music festival massacre, expressed disgust this week over the Associated Press' strategic wordplay, telling "Just the News, No Noise," "When people are chanting in their protests, 'intifada now,' simply look up the definition of 'intifada' — that is not anti war."

"To downplay it is to make these people feel like what they're doing is okay," continued Sanandaji. "We need to talk about how serious it is. Downplaying it is just putting more people at risk."

"Nobody is pro-war. To call this an anti-war protest is absurd," Dan Schneider, vice president of Media Research Center's Free Speech America told Just the News. "This is not about war. This is about the extermination of Jews and the elimination of Israel as a legal state."

Human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali suggested on X that it would even be deceitful to refer to the protesters as pro-Palestinian, noting, "They are not pro Palestinian. They are anti-Jewish and anti-American. They are flexing their Islamist muscles. Incompetent and weak university students who allowed this problem to get out of hand will not stop them."

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