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Glenn Beck: ‘His fingers are on everything’ — that’s why Democrats are ‘scared’ of naming the whistleblower
Image Source: YouTube screenshot

Glenn Beck: ‘His fingers are on everything’ — that’s why Democrats are ‘scared’ of naming the whistleblower

'There is no way this man can testify in an open forum'

The Democrats are concealing the Ukraine whistleblower's identity because his testimony would expose the State Department-funded and George Soros-led "shadow government" effort in Ukraine, Glenn Beck suggested in a lengthy exposé on BlazeTV Wednesday.

"This is the reason why Adam Schiff and the Democrats are scared of naming the whistleblower, because his fingers are on everything," Beck stated. "There is no way this man can testify in an open forum."

Beck made the case that all of the people who have been called to testify in the impeachment inquiry are career diplomats privy to the events surrounding the Ukrainian revolution in 2014 and leading up to Trump's phone call with the Ukrainian president on July 25.

"This includes," Beck argued, "their knowledge of the alleged whistleblower — Eric Ciaramella."

Beck then gave details about Ciaramella that are bulleted in the image below:

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

Beck then questioned why it seems State Department officials, CIA and National Security Council staffers, and now Democrats in Congress are so "scared of Donald Trump poking around in Ukraine."

House Intel chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) has seemingly reversed course on revealing the whistleblower, now banning his name from being exposed in the inquiry.

"What are they afraid of revealing?" Beck asked.

He mused that they might be afraid of revealing that the State Department, in collusion with intelligence agencies, was paying large sums of money to George Soros-run non-governmental organizations in Ukraine, citing the $7 billion dollars Ukrainian law enforcement reported to U.S. prosecutors as misappropriated back in April.

"Well that's an answer I can't officially find, but that's an answer that Donald Trump was asking [about] on July 25," Beck said. "And it must be answered in the Senate trial."

Beck suggested that while the impeachment inquiry is "a side show," it is pertinent that the inquiry move forward so that the real "deep state" scandal can be uncovered.

What Beck's team did find was an email chain released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request showing the alleged whistleblower contacting all the heavyweights within the State Department who were working on Ukraine.

"The entire email has been redacted," Beck displayed. "Whatever Ciaramella specifically said, the State Department doesn't want us to know about."

"But the final email in the chain reveals the overall context: Obama Administration dollars, going through the U.S. Embassy via USAID," Beck argued.

All of the research material has been linked on Beck's website.

Laying the foundation

The United States government has been creating and funding nation-building organizations since the start of the 19th century but calling them non-governmental organizations or NGOs, Beck asserted while laying background for his argument.

"The deep state is not a conspiracy theory," Beck said. "And they're not meeting like S.P.E.C.T.R.E. in some little secret society room, but it is an ingrained culture of unelected officials who have their plans set and they work to fulfill their goals, regardless of who the president is — that's the deep state, a vast bureaucracy built over a century on the backs and shoulders of the elite, the progressive, the academic ideology."

Beck outlined the "deep state" strategy, which is essentially this: the funding of NGOs to overthrow governments overseas so that bureaucratic officials could come in and shape new governments.

"And it's all being done in your name, with your money," Beck exclaimed.

The specifics regarding Ukraine

"Two items that keep popping up in our research … with the left and Ukraine … are 'civil society' and 'open society,'" Beck stated as he transitioned into details regarding Ukraine. "These two phrases are used by this global shadow government to mold the rest of the world into a socialist theme park — and again being done in your name and without your consent or vote."

Beck then showed how the U.S. government was funding George Soros-backed groups — such as the Open Society Foundation and the Anti Corruption Action Center — in Ukraine in 2013 before the Ukrainian revolution in 2014.

Beck noticed one name pop up again and again: Alec Ross.

Ross was appointed to the State Department as a senior adviser on innovation to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He later headed up a Clinton program called "Civil Society 2.0" that led tech camps in foreign countries training grassroots revolutionaries to mobilize.

Beck explained that "Civil Society 2.0" began to be the instigators of "spontaneous indigenous popular uprisings" that aimed to spur chaos to accomplish leftist policy objectives in foreign countries.

Civil Society 2.0 came to Ukraine in 2011, Beck said.

The game-plan

Later in the episode, Beck listed four points that he believed to be the deep state game-plan when getting involved in foreign countries:

  • Step One: U.S. State Department identifies, trains, and funds "Civil Society" groups to mobilize
  • Step Two: When an opportunity arises, U.S. trained activists go into action
  • Step Three: The State Department, and their proxies, actively support the opposition
  • Step Four: Infiltrate the government with hand-picked "Civil Society" leaders

He then pulled up a leaked document written by George Soros that characterized it as the "comprehensive strategy for the new Ukraine" and appears to outline the four steps above as having been taken in Ukraine.

You can watch the whole episode on YouTube:

Glenn Beck Presents: The Democrats' Hydrayoutu.be

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