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Glenn Beck returns to Fox News — and admits Trump proved him wrong with these actions


"He's doing the things that he said he would do"

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Blaze Media founder Glenn Beck returned to Fox News on Thursday and spoke to Sean Hannity about why the record of President Donald Trump's actions and Democrats' extremism changed his mind.

Beck admitted that he was wary of Trump based on his record before the election, but that his actions since the election have made him come around.

"Look, I think I've been very consistent," explained Beck. "I was judging Donald Trump on his record prior to being president of the United States. That's all you had to judge him on.

"I said after the election that he is my president," he continued, "and it is in our best interest that our president succeeds, and I want him to succeed and I said over and over again, I hope that I'm wrong, and if I am, I'll be the first to admit it.

"Once he got into office, now he's the president," he added, "so now I'm not judging him on the past, I'm judging him on what he's doing, and I call balls and strikes. And quite honestly, Sean, early on, I said, I never thought he would do that, I never thought he would do that, I never thought he would do that. By the time he got to Israel, he was proving me wrong every step of the way on his policies.

"I was happy, happy, thrilled to say he's doing the things he said he would do," Beck concluded.

Beck went on to list the support of Israel, the pro-life movement, and the opposition to socialism as among the biggest reasons he has come to be more supportive of President Trump. He also outlined the many ways in which Democrats had revealed their extremism since Trump got into office.

He finished the segment joking that he would hold back from openly endorsing Trump because it would be the "kiss of death" for his re-election chances.

Here's the Fox News video of Glenn Beck's appearance:

Glenn Beck reveals how he grew to support President Trumpwww.youtube.com

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