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GOP lawmaker forces interior secretary into alarming admission about Biden's green agenda and China

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Interior Secretary Deb Haaland admitted this week that President Joe Biden's green agenda forces the United States to increase its reliance on China.

Under intense questioning from Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Pa.) during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing, Haaland was backed into a corner and forced to admit the truth about the green energy agenda.

Setting up the question, Haaland agreed with Reschenthaler that China controls the majority of "rare earth element" mining — which is required for electric vehicle batteries and other components of "renewable" energy sources — throughout the world.

"By deductive reasoning, that would mean that electric vehicles and renewables deepen our reliance on China, correct?" Reschenthaler asked.

"Yes, OK," Haaland conceded.

Reschenthaler explained the significance of her admission by reminding her of the Interior Department's decision to ban critical mineral mining in areas throughout the U.S. where there are significant deposits of minerals necessary for the green agenda. Thus, Biden administration policy is widening the gap between U.S. energy independence and its reliance on China.

Sec. Deb Haaland Testifies In Front Of House Appropriations Subcommittee On Biden’s Budgetyoutu.be

In another exchange, this time with Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.), the former interior secretary, Haaland appeared to ignore the fact that reliance on China for materials counteracts the green energy.

Not only did Haaland appear not to know many facts about China's horrendous environmental record, but she appeared unable to explain how the Interior Department, under her leadership, is working to secure independence from reliance on China.

"Across our country, can you pick any place that you've identified for an alternative to critical minerals to fast track so we're not vulnerable to China and Russia for our very critical economy, both in defense and EV?" Zinke asked.

But she could not. Instead, Haaland said the Interior Department is currently working on identifying such areas.

Biden Interior Secretary Deb Haaland Totally Dumbstruck Over Series Of Simple Questions On Chinawww.youtube.com

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