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Harry's razors CEO brags about treating 'birthing' and 'non-birthing parents' equally, leading 'socially minded' company in viral video
Screenshot of @EndWokeness X video (Left: Jeff Raider | Right: Andy Katz-Mayfield)

Harry's razors CEO brags about treating 'birthing' and 'non-birthing parents' equally, leading 'socially minded' company in viral video

The CEO of Harry's razors has jettisoned traditional words to describe the gender of parents and instead replaced them with awkward and crude terms preferred by leftists, all apparently in the name of keeping his company "socially minded."

Last week, a clip of CEO Andy Katz-Mayfield discussing the company's parental leave policy went viral on social media, mostly because Katz-Mayfield never mentions mothers and fathers or moms and dads in it. Instead, he brags that at Harry's, both "birthing" and "non-birthing parents" are granted four months of leave after a child is born into their family.

"That treats birthing and non-birthing parents equally," he says proudly. Those in the audience soon afterward clap, and Harry's co-founder Jeff Raider sits silently in approval.

This "equal parental leave policy" at Harry's is just one example of what Katz-Mayfield calls the company's social-mindedness. "We also, as a company, have always tried to be sort of socially minded and not just be about bottom-line profits," he explains before the clip abruptly ends.

In response to the video, many conservatives on social media have called for Harry's to receive "the Bud Light treatment." In other words, they are calling for a boycott of Harry's in the hopes that the company, which claims to offer shaving products "for all men," will drastically lose revenue just as Bud Light and Target did after promoting transgenderism this year.

However, Harry's has already promoted woke activism on several occasions without sacrificing much in market share. In 2021, it infamously dropped its ad sponsorship of the Daily Wire on account of the conservative outlet's opposition to gender ideology. In response, Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing created a new brand of shaving products called Jeremy's Razors. Though the move made headlines, Jeremy's Razors has not affected the revenue at Harry's much. In 2022, Harry's reportedly raked in nearly $240 million, more than double the annual revenue for all of the Daily Wire.

Last year during so-called Pride Month, Harry's also released an ad featuring a woman who had undergone a double mastectomy and taken hormones to appear as a man. "Celebrating my first Pride with facial hair!" said an accompanying message from an Instagram account for Luke Wesley Pearson.

Harry's even promised to donate the profits from its Pride campaign to the Trevor Project, which supports the genital mutilation of children via "gender-affirming medical care."

This latest venture into wokeness for Harry's may actually not be so recent. It is unclear when or where Katz-Mayfield made the speech about his company's "birthing" and non-birthing" parental leave policy. According to the Daily Beast, Katz-Mayfield has been making the pitch about "equal" parental leave for at least six years and referenced this LinkedIn article as proof.

But in that article, Katz-Mayfield repeatedly referred to himself as a "working dad" and discussed some of the challenges that professional women like his wife faced as new "moms." He did mention that he also supports "men, women, transgender, birthing parents and non-birthing parents" equally, but otherwise used traditional language regarding gender throughout the piece.

Whenever the "non-birthing parent" video was made, it has gone viral now, and outlets such as the Daily Beast and TheStreet reached out to Harry's this week for comment about the controversy it has incited. Neither received a response.

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