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'Hookup culture will be absolutely decimated' if SCOTUS tosses abortion, TikTok user warns in viral clip

Image source: TikTok video screenshot via @moneymollusk

In the wake of a leaked draft decision from the U.S. Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade, its 1973 ruling that made abortion legal across America, a TikTok user said in a now-viral video that "hookup culture" would be destroyed if abortion is no longer federally protected.

What are the details?

"In case you're a man who doesn't care about Roe v. Wade, just know that if abortion gets banned, hookup culture will be absolutely decimated," Bridget Gwyn wrote in text accompanying her Monday night TikTok video, according to the Daily Dot.

"Hookup culture" is a synonym for casual sex and one-night stands, the outlet said.

“What woman would have mediocre s*x with a drunk rando if he could potentially father their child,” she added in the clip — which as of Tuesday afternoon boasted over 930,000 views.

Gwyn added in the caption that she's addressing "all the pro-life men who love Plan B," also known as the "morning-after pill" that helps prevent pregnancies after sex.

Content warning:Profanity in accompanying music:

@moneymollusk all the pro-life men who love plan b i am speaking to you directly #roevwade ♬ original sound - SHAKEYFUNNYAZZ

How are folks reacting?

Some commenters on Gwyn’s clip said a SCOTUS abortion strike down would prod them toward a second look at their sexual practices, the Daily Dot said:

  • “I’m entering my celibacy era,” one commenter said, according to the outlet.
  • “Deleting all dating apps as we speak,” another user added, the Daily Dot said.
  • “I already told my sneaky link, no more meet ups cause of fears of pregnancy,” another commenter shared, according to the outlet.

Others lamented other potential outcomes if abortion goes down:

  • “I’m scared that [sexual assault] numbers are going to rise bc we know how well ‘no’ can be tolerated,” one commenter wrote, the Daily Dot said.
  • “Pregnancy rates are going to drop while death rates are going to rise,” another user commented, according to the outlet.
  • Another commenter said "abstinence is key" will be pushed, "which leads to lack of church/state separation," the Daily Dot reported.
  • “They’re gonna come for Plan B next,” another user noted, according to the outlet.
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