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Shocking video shows attempted armed robbery where suspect accidentally shot himself in the head during a struggle

Image Source: KHOU-TV YouTube video screenshot

A shocking cellphone video captured the moment an armed robber shot at a man he had stopped on a busy Houston highway, but police say that he later accidentally shot himself in the head during a struggle.

The video was obtained by KHOU-TV reporter Adam Bennett from a witness who said he saw part of the altercation on Wednesday morning and provided the video to police soon after.

KHOU kept the identity of the witness anonymous for safety reasons.

The witness said that he saw a man slam on his brakes to block another car with his car and jump out to accost the driver.

"It was crazy. No one could believe it," said the witness. "I mean, who gets out on the middle of I-10 during rush hour? Cars were zooming by him literally and he's just yelling at some guy."

He said that he drove off the freeway and then got back on. He then saw the same man doing the exact same thing to another victim, but this time with a gun in his hand.

"I see the same guy do the same thing to another car, a different car, and he blocked him in, and he had a gun in his hand, so he started shooting video," said the witness.

That's when he said he heard two shots being fired. The video shows one man pointing a gun at another man who is on the ground.

The witness said that he tried to call 911 but got no response. Instead he drove to the nearest police station and handed over the video with his witness statement.

Police told KHOU that they responded to numerous reports about the alleged robbery, and when they responded, they apprehended the suspect who was wrestling with some of the witnesses.

Police said the witness had captured video of an armed robbery attempt that turned into a struggle after he witness kept driving. They said that the suspect was shot in the head by his own gun in a struggle with his intended victim.

They later identified the suspect as 29-year-old Carlos Marquez. He was transported to Ben Taub Emergency Room for treatment and is expected to survive.

Police charged Marquez with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. They said the gun used in the incident was stolen.

KHOU posted the video they obtained of the altercation on their official YouTube account.

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