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Intruder in child's room charges at homeowner. But homeowner has shotgun — and intruder doesn't make it out alive.


The suspect apparently tried to break into a different home earlier in the evening

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An Arizona homeowner discovered an intruder inside his Scottsdale home just before 11 p.m. Wednesday and fatally shot the suspect, the Daily Independent reported.

What are the details?

Around 9 p.m., a homeowner told police he confronted and ran off a male who was trying to break into his home, the paper said — and then at 10:50 p.m. a different homeowner told police an intruder had been shot.

Responding officers found Cameron Yoe, 18, who matched the description from the earlier trespass incident, the Daily Independent reported. The two homes are about a half mile apart.

While working in an outbuilding on the property, the family dog alerted the 41-year-old homeowner of a disturbance in his residence, where his wife and three children also live, the paper said, citing a release from police.

The homeowner armed himself with a shotgun and began checking the house, police said, according to Daily Independent.

Then the homeowner entered the room of one of his children where Yoe — holding a large piece of wood in a threatening manner — charged at the homeowner, the paper said, citing police.

In order to protect himself and his family, the homeowner fired at and killed Yoe, police told the Daily Independent.

Police said there apparently are no other suspects, none of the home's residents were injured, and there is no danger to the surrounding community, the paper noted — although it added that the investigation is ongoing.

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