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Viral video shows striking similarities of Joe Biden's 2020 DNC speech and 2008 DNC speech


'Same exact speech'

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden delivered his nomination acceptance speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention on Thursday night. Some viewers noticed striking similarities between his acceptance speech at the 2020 DNC and his acceptance speech as Barack Obama's vice president at the 2008 DNC.

The two speeches shared especially similar platitudes, and at times, Biden used the exact same wording. Here are some of the examples of how the two speeches are notably similar despite being delivered 12 years apart.

2008: "It's about whether you can look your children in the eye and say, 'We're going to be okay.'"

2020: "It's about looking your kids in the eye and say, 'Honey, it's going to be okay.'"

2008: "That's how you come to believe, to the very core of your being, that work is more than a paycheck. It's dignity. It's respect."

2020: "He would say, 'Joey, a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It's about your dignity. It's about respect.'"

2008: "Barack Obama will transform our economy by making alternative energy a genuine national priority, creating 5 million new jobs and finally freeing us from the grip of foreign oil. That's the change we need."

2020: "With pipes that transport clean water to every community. With 5 million new manufacturing and technology jobs so the future is made in America."

2008: "Barack Obama will put more cops on the streets, put the 'security' back in Social Security and never give up until we achieve equal pay for women."

2020: "I will not let it happen. If I'm your president, we're going to protect Social Security and Medicare."

2008: "And this is the time as Americans, together, we get back up."

2020: "It's an America we can rebuild together."

2008: "These are extraordinary times. This is an extraordinary election."

2020: "All elections are important. But we know in our bones this one is more consequential."

The comparison video of Biden's two speeches racked up nearly 30,000 Likes and over 1.2 million views on Twitter in less than 24 hours.

Besides being accused of replicating his own DNC speech from 2008, Biden found himself fending off allegations of plagiarism in his 2020 DNC acceptance speech.

Canadians spotted noticeable commonalities between Biden's Thursday night speech and the farewell letter written by liberal Canadian politician Jack Layton, who was the leader of the New Democratic Party before his passing in 2011.

Biden was also accused of plagiarism during his failed 1988 campaign for the White House.

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