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Joe Biden's economic approval now worse than Jimmy Carter's, who lost in a landslide election to Ronald Reagan

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President Joe Biden's economic ratings are officially worse than Jimmy Carter's, an ominous sign for Biden's re-election hopes and overall presidential legacy.

What do the numbers show?

According to the latest CNN/SSRS poll, Biden's economic approval rating among registered voters is just 45%, while his economic disapproval rating is 54% — a net approval rating of -9%.

CNN noted that its poll number is actually four points better than the average of all economic approval ratings surveyed in December, which stands at -13%. That means Biden currently boasts the "the lowest net economic rating of any president at this point through their first term since at least Jimmy Carter in 1977," CNN explained.

But it gets worse.

Not only does Biden sport the lowest net economic rating one year into his presidency since Carter, but it's 18 points worse than the average president's at this point in the presidency. According to CNN, the average president boasts a +5% economic approval rating at the one-year mark.

Other important data from the poll:

  • 75% of registered voters said they are worried about the economy, while just 25% said they are not worried about the economy;
  • 63% of registered voters described the current economic conditions as "poor," while just 37% described them as "good";
  • 45% of registered voters believe Biden's policies have "worsened economic conditions in the country," compared to just 30% who believe his policies have improved the economy;
  • 66% of registered voters said they "have some doubts and reservations" about Biden, while just 34% said Biden "is a leader you can trust."

Additionally, 67% of respondents told pollsters that government spending is a "major problem," 70% said high gas costs are a "major problem," 77% said the rising cost of housing is a "major problem," 79% said supply-chain disruptions are a "major problem," and 80% said rising cost of food and everyday goods is a "major problem."

What does this mean for Biden?

If Biden does not find a solution, and fast, his presidential legacy may become the same as Carter's — or worse.

Not only is Carter known for not solving the economic crisis of the late 1970s, but Carter is known for being on the losing side of one of America's greatest presidential election landslides. In 1980, Republican Ronald Reagan won an astounding 489 Electoral College votes, while Carter — the incumbent — won just 49.

Through polling, Americans are continually showing that the economy is the most important issue for them today. If Biden doesn't turn the tide soon, Democrats stand to face not only electoral disaster in 2022, but in 2024, too.

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