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Kamala Harris seems shocked when Chris Matthews asks why she didn't have 'hatred' for 'white people' due to childhood racism



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During an interview following Thursday night's debate with 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris seemed a bit shocked when MSNBC's Chris Matthews asked her why she didn't have "hatred" toward white people after experiencing childhood racism.

The pair were discussing Harris' headline-grabbing confrontation with former Vice President Joe Biden over his comments about segregationist senators, and Harris noted to Matthews a past experience when a next-door neighbor said she could play with Harris anymore because she's black.

No hatred for white people?

"How did you come out of that and not have hatred towards white people generally?" Matthews asked.

Harris — whose husband, attorney Douglas Emhoff, is white — seemed immediately put off by Matthews' question.

"No!" she replied, her facial expression seemingly reflecting shock.

Matthews rushed back in and attempted to reword his question, and then Harris put together an answer after a couple of false starts.

"Most Americans do not conduct themselves that way, and most parents don't conduct themselves that way," Harris told Matthews in reference to what her old next-door neighbor was told to do. "So there was no need to create a broad application because of that one experience."

She added: "But we cannot deny that there are many children, black children in America, who have had that experience. Children of color who've had that experience, be they Latino, Asian, or black ... that happens in America."

Kamala Harris: If Segregationists Had Their Way, I Wouldn't Be Senator | Hardball | MSNBCyoutu.be

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