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Cafe chain calls New York and Colorado 'p**** leftists' and bans teachers who opt out of in-school instruction


Some online called for a boycott of the business

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A specialty cafe chain angered many with its Instagram posts mocking people who wear masks, calling New York and Colorado 'p**** leftists," and banning teachers who opt out of in-school instructions.

The overtly political social media posts from Kavasutra Kava Bar were widely circulated by those who were most acutely offended.

"Effective immediately: Any and all grade school teachers who, by choice, have opted not to return to in-person teaching are hereby banned from any and all Kavasutra locations," read one post in all caps.

"Furthermore, masks may not be worn in Arizona or Florida locations. New York and Colorado are a bunch of p***y leftists so they can cover their mouths with a dirty cloth," the cafe added.

A second post doubled down after receiving criticism.

"It has come to our attention that we may have upset some people with our last post. We've been reading your comments and we understand how we may have effected (sic) some of you, so we want to be very clear: masks are for leftist losers. Teachers unions are trash. Women are born with ovaries. And we are doing slams at midnight tonight," the second post read.

A previous Instagram post announced a "Cholo Party" costume contest for "Cultural Appropriation Friday" at one of their Florida locations.

Kavasutra serves a drink made from the Kava Root and has locations in New York City, Denver, Phoenix, and Florida.

Some on social media were calling for a boycott of the business over the posts.

This isn't the first time the business has offended some people with its Instagram posts. In 2018, the cafe chain was accused of being transphobic and sexist when it advertised an event for "genetic females," adding, "If you are a chick per your DNA, well m'lady, it's slam time."

Here's a news report about their past controversy:

Kavasutra: Firestorm on social media

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